So im sad by now - I lost all my work on being a good member on this wiki.

Now mostly everyone hates me, just for a vandal joke.

So here are my opinions :

@Blaze and electricstorm ( Is starfruity too? ) : Anyway. So you 2 are saying I did not apologize. And you guys started hating me in a bad way. To start -  I APOLOGIZE TO EVERYONE ARROUND

@KF : I appologize here too.

@WM43, Nishan, Meganium and Epicman : Shouldn't you guys even roll with vandalising? I feel very stupid. Im sure you 4 too do right now.

@Miles, TMA and KF again : So you 3 are thinking in your minds : He will start vandalizing this wiki 


So after all this dialogue, I appologize.