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The most powerful zombie?

Hello, and welcome to another blog by me. The point is to find what is the most powerful zombie in the game. Using a unit of power, called P.

Let's start with the first game:

Buckethead Zombie, 65 HP for 4 seconds per grid. 65x2 = 130P. Takes 4 seconds to chew, 4x4 (five is to extend.) 20. So 130 + 16 = 146P.

Football Zombie, 80HP for 2 seconds per grid. 160P. 4 seconds to chew. 4x4 = 16. 16 + 160 = 176P

Snorkel Zombie, 17HP for 3 seconds per grid, so a 3x17 = 53P. Takes 2 seconds to chew, 4x8 = 32P. 32 + 53P = 82P. Half-immortality when in water, so lets give him a 1000 divide 9 (amount of grids per level), 100P. 182P. Divide 2, from the 100, you get a -50. 132P. Not bad.

Dolphin Rider Zombie, this prick has 17HP. 2 seconds per grid. That's 17x2 = 34P. 34Px2 (takes 2 seconds to chew) = 68P. Has immortality when starting, so about 1000 divide 9, 100P. 100 + 68P = 168P. One of the stronger zombies so far.

Digger Zombie, this n00b has 17HP. 7 seconds per lawn, plus the income of the backward, so -2. 5 seconds per lawn in total, with the potential speed. 17 x 7 = 119P ALREADY! + 4x4 = 16 (the average bite speed) a meaning of... 119 + 16 = 135P. 135P, for 1000/9 then the total goes 100, 100/4 (half a lawn) = 50P. so for each planting or for the 3 takeouts (Split Pea, Gloom-shroom and Spikerock), you get 20P. 155P is the total.

Gargantuar, the last one from this game. 4 seconds per tile, and 2 seconds to destroy. Woah, 2x8 = 32P. 32P + 2x150! = 300P. divide by 2 for the Ice-shroom/Winter Melon/Melon-pult/Fire Pea criticality, 150P so far.

Now to the seecond game, Explorer Zombie. 1 second per chew, 11HP. about 4x12 = 48 + 11 = 59P. 59P, for 2 seconds per grid, about 59x2= 118. 118P. Lowest score by now.

Pharaoh Zombie, 2 seconds per chew, 4/2 speed per grid (2), and 74HP. 74 x 2 =148. 148 + 8 = 156P.

Nothing is in Pirate Seas. It's just easy. To skip on, start off with the Bull Zombie. 65HP (a Buckethead total). I'll start off  with 146 + it's quarter due to speed + 25P due to the imp. The equal is: 146 + 37 + 25 = 208P! Divide 2 for it's weakness, then plus 37 again. Equals 141P.

Chicken Wrangler. 17HP, plus 3 for each chicken, and spawns a total of 20 (rounded, not complete or less than) P. 20 x 3= 60 + 17 HP = 77P. + 3 seconds to eat, 4x4 = 16 + 77 = 93. 93 + 12 for each chicken's bite, so 20 x 12 = 240. 240 + 93 /2.2 for the lack of efficiency due to the defenses,  total of 225P (flawed math. Too long to explain). 225P! That's the biggest by now.

Far Future had no real challengers but the Gargantuar Prime and Mecha-Football Zombie.

Mecha-Football Zombie, 125HP + 4x2 (slowness) = 8 + 125 = 133P. 133 + 3 seconds per grid, 136P.

Gargantuar Prime, 125HP, 4 tiles for starting the laser, 125 + (2x8, laser boosts speed effectiveness) total of 186P. (flawed math made by thousands of logic. Don't ask why I made it to 186P, it's just hard to explain). To smash, 2 seconds for 1 shot. 1x2x2 = 4+1= 5 + 186 = 191P.

King Zombie. 50HP, unmoving, so unedited. However, turns the 146P to + 30 and the mathmatical formation proves that this guy is such a mental retard. 90P added to all. 90 + 146P = 230P.

There is noone in BWB that needs an explanation, other than the snorkel, but he seems unmodified to that point.

Now, to A.

DJ ZOM-B has about 30HP. 6 seconds to chew, so a total of 2 = 6x2 = 12 + 30 = 42P. + 4 x 42 for speed per tile,  168P.

Weightlifter is just 168P for the DJ ZOM-B but to add the modifications, x3 for the instant kill divide 2. 224P. One tick and hits the chicken wrangler.

Now to the final one from his type, the Giga-Gargantuar.

200P. No need to explain.

So, let's see who won:


The winners and losres

Top 5

  • King Zombie (1st place)
  • Chicken Wrangler (2nd place)
  • Weightlifter Zombie (3rd place)
  • Giga-Gargantuar (4th place)
  • Gargantuar Prime (5th place)

Worst 5

  • Pharaoh Zombie (5th place)
  • Bull Zombie (4th place)
  • Mecha-Football Zombie (3rd place. Be surprised, because he is one of the stronger zombies)
  • Buckethead Zombie (2nd place)
  • Snorkel Zombie (surprise! 1st place)

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