Basically, any chinese PvZ Game. List your reasons why those games suck.

  1. Rip-offs almost any new plant/zombie/area.
  2. Unoriginal and dumb ideas.
  3. Plants vs. Plants is a dumb idea, BUL9 explained this to me; "George Fan liked the Torchwood because it showed that plants work together", and now, PvZAS!
  4. Dumb artworks in PvZ: Journey to the West. Bonk Choy looks horrible and more likely Fanmade.
  5. Poncho Zombie weaker than Knight Zombie in NDS, but stronger than Garg in instas! (Clap!)
  6. Plants are not unlocked via levels, making the pro and noob unsplit.
  7. Power Lilies can be attacked.. yeah sure, that's a good idea.
  8. Ugly plant designs, such as Pomegranate Machine Gun
  9. Full of OP enemies that you won't know their weakness. Oh, and if you don't know that, then, your problem!
  10. Most of the music is cut
  11. Level 4 Plants are OP
  12. No FF boss
  13. DA and BWB are worse than ever!
  14. Kung-Fu World has 4 Plants in a large number of levels in KFW. And here people complain about the new worlds having only 5 plants (If you count premiums, the full total would be 7)
  15. [Continue, I left a lot for you guys.]