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Big Wave Beach and Dark Ages - Improved!

Do you hate BWB and DA's difficulty? (I don't)

Do you!? (I don't)


Lets see what I can do.

Dark Ages

Anything stroke is the former version



Unlocked: Dark Ages - Night 2 Dark Ages - Night 1

Special: Shoots spores, then disappears after a while

Plant Food: Charges all other Puff-shrooms in the lawn, and restarts time

Time to disappear: 60s 180s

Sun Cost: 0

Recharge: Fast Very Fast


Unlocked: Dark Ages - Night 1 Dark Ages - Night 3

Special: Grows up to 3 levels, the higher, the more the sun!

Plant Food: Produces 75 sun and grows to maximum Grows to maximum, turns any zombie with under 30 HP into 150 sun

Sun Cost: 0

Recharge: Very Fast Normal


Unlocked: purchase for 3.99$ Dark Ages - Night 6

Special: A blockade offensive plant

Plant Food: Gets a helmet, and shoots a stream of peas

Sun Cost: 150

Recharge: Normal Slow

Durability: 40 86

Sun Bean

Unlocked: Dark Ages - Night 9

Special: Any zombie that eats it, whenever hit, produces 50 sun Whoever eats it starts producing 50 sun every 6 seconds

Plant Food: First zombie to eat it explodes into 600 sun Shoots a beam at all zombie that does no damage, but will Sun Beanify all zombies hit by it!

Sun Cost: 50


Unlocked: Dark Ages - Night 14

Special: Shoots bypassing fumes

Plant Food: Unchanged

Sun Cost: 125 100


Unlocked: Dark Ages - Night 24

Special: Takes off all metallic objects from zombies, can now take off King's stick, torches (yolo), Imp Cannons (destroys them), and can turn machinified zombies into regular zombies, but takes 5 times the durability. 

Plant Food: Unchanged

Sun Cost: 200


Doom-shroom (replacement of Hypno-shroom)

109 gems


109 gems


Jester Zombie

21 HP -> 17 HP

  • Can't reflect Frozen Melons, Citron Shells, Melons, Charged Coconut, and anything that comes from Magnet-shroom PF
  • Slowed : 1 grid per 3 seconds

Knight Zombie

90 HP -> 170 HP (Good luck, I made a challenge)

  • Can now resist Magnet-shroom Plant Food, only regular Magnets can take his helmet down
  • Even worse, can survive Citron Plant Food and Spring + Blover combo

Wizard Zombie

21 HP -> 51 HP

  • Sheep can now be dug up

Big Wave Beach


Lily Pad

Unlocked: Big Wave Beach - Day 1

Special: Lifts plants from water tides


Unlocked: Big Wave Beach - Day 4

Special: Rushes at zombies whenever touched

Tangle Kelp

Unlocked: Big Wave Beach - Day 5

Special:  Tangles zombies down

Cost: 25 50

Recharge: Slow Fast

Bowling Bulb

Unlocked: Big Wave Beach - Day 10

Damage: Orange becomes 30, Blue becomes 15 and Cyan becomes 7

Shooting Rapidicty: 1p3s 1p1s


Unlocked: Big Wave Beach - Day 17

Special: Hypnotizes first zombie to eat it Hypnotizes first bunch of zombies to eat it,

Cost: 125 250

Plant Food: Turns first zombie to eat it to a gargantuar Turns a random amount of zombies into Hypnotized Wizard Zombies

Bannana Launcher

Unlocked: Big Wave Beach - Day 24

Special: Lobs banannas at opponents

Cost: 500

Plant Food: Lobs bananas randomly


Umbrella Leaf

Cost : 80 gems

Special : Blocks sheep effects and prevents from octopification (PERMENANT)

Carolina Grim Reaper

Cost: 109 gems



Cost: 3.99$


Fisherman Zombie

HP: 51 -> 17

Octo Zombie

  • Octopified plants will be digable
  • Octopuses go after 5 waves (not huge ones, just regular)

Surfer Zombie

  • Surfboard destroyable by lobbed-shots

Snorkel Zombie


Bikini Zombie

  • Now has the ability to summon Snorkel Zombies 

Bikini Conehead/Buckethead Zombies

  • Just a health buff now.


DA - 1

Zombies: Peasant, Conehead and Jester

Waves: 1

DA - 2

Zombies: Peasant, Conehead and Horse Rider Zombie

Waves: 2

Note: You will get Grave Buster if you haven't got it yet

DA - 3

Zombies: Peasant, Conehead, Buckethead and Horse Rider Zombie

Waves: 3

DA - 4 

Zombies: Peasant, Buckethead, Horse Rider Zombies and Jester Zombie

Special: Save our Seeds

Plants: Mango Pult (planted in the third lane from the front) 

Waves : 3

DA - 5

Zombies: Peasant, Conehead, Knight Zombie

Special: Last Stand

Waves: 1

Note: Do not plant more than 20 plants

DA - 6

Zombies: Peasant, Conehead, Knight Zombie, Jester, Horse Rider, Buckethead

Waves: 2

DA - 7

Zombies: Peasant, Conehead, Buckethead, Horse Rider

Special: Evil Alchemy

Waves: 2

DA - 8

Zombies: Peasant, Conehead, Buckethead, Knight, Jester, Horse Rider, Imp Monk and Gargantuar

Waves: 2

DA - 9

Zombies: Peasant, Conehead, Jester, Horse Rider, Imp Monk and Guitarist Zombie

Waves: 1

DA - 10

Zombies: Peasant, Conehead, Jester, Wizard, Knight, Guitiarist

Waves: 4

DA - 11

Zombies: Jester, Wizard, Gargantuar (will lob Dragon Imps)

Waves: 4

DA - 12

Zombies: Peasant, Jester, Horse Rider, Guitarist, Wizard, Conehead

Waves: 5

DA - 13

Zombies: Peasant, Jester, Noble, Conehead, Buckethead, Knight

Waves: 6

Note: Do not have more than 15 plants placed at once

DA - 14

Zombies: Peasant, Conehead, Buckethead, Knight, Noble

Waves: 6

Note: Do not spend more than 3000 sun + do not lose more than 10 plants

DA - 15

Zombies: Peasant, Conehead, Buckethead, Knight, Priest, King

Special:  Last Stand

Waves: 1

DA - 16

Zombies: Peasant, Conehead, Buckethead, Knight, Noble, Priest

Waves: 2

DA - 17 

Zombies: Peasant, Jester, Gargantuar, Dragon Imp, Imp Monk, Knight

Waves: 2

DA - 18

Zombies: Peasant, Conehead, Buckethead, Knight, Imp Monk, Noble, Peasant

Special: Locked and Loaded

Plants: Sun-shroom, Puff-shroom, Fume-shroom, Carolina Grim Reaper, Doom-shroom

Waves: 1

DA - 19

Zombies: Peasant, Conehead, Knight

Special: Evil Alchemy

Waves: 2

DA - 20

Zombies: Zombie, Conehead, Horse Rider, Warrior, Noble, Priest, King, Knight, Wizard, Priest

Special: Locked and Loaded

Plants: Sun-shroom, Peashooter, Snapdragon, Puff-shroom, Pea-nut

Waves: 2

DA - 21

Zombies: Zombie, Conehead, Knight, Horse Rider, Warrior, Priest

Waves: 4

Special: Produce 5000 Sun

Note: All sun producing plants (except Grave Buster with graves and Sun Bean) are locked

DA - 22

Zombies: Zombie, Conehead, Buckethead, Wizard

Special: Special Delivery

Plants: Lightning Reed (limited to 10), Spikeweed (limited to 4), Spikerock (limited to 2), Wall-nut (infinite)

Waves: 2

DA - 23 

Zombies: Zombie, Conehead, Buckethead, Knight, Priest, Noble, King, Horse Rider, Guitarist, Imp Dragon, Imp Monk

Special : Don't plant on mold colonies

Placed : Most back two lanes

Waves: 2

DA - 24

Zombies: Zombie, Conehead, Buckethead, Knight, Horse Rider, Wizard, Jester, Noble, Priest, Guitarist, Imp Dragon, Imp Monk, Dark Gargantuar, King, Warrior

Special: Save our Seeds

Plants to protect: 5 Pea-nuts (placed at most front lane), 5 Magnet-shrooms (placed on the third most back lane)

Waves: 5

DA - 25

Zombies: Zombot Dark Dragon (adds all zombies, including kings and horse rider ones)

Tasks: Protect your lawn from the zombot grief.

BWB - 1

Zombies: Pompadour, Conehead, Bikini, Snorkel

BWB - 2

Zombies: Pompadour, Conehead, Bikini, Bikini Conehead, Buckethead, Snorkel

BWB - 3

Zombies: Pompadour, Conehead, Buckethead, Mermaid Imp, Sandstormer

BWB - 4

Zombies: Pompadour, Bikini, Snorkel, Buckethead, Mermaid Imp, Sandstormer, Fisherman Zombie

BWB - 5

Zombies: Pompadour, Conehead, Buckethead, Fisherman Zombie, Bikini Conehead

BWB - 6

Zombies: Pompadour, Conehead, Buckethead, Bikini, Bikini Conehead, Bikini Buckethead, Torching Zombie

BWB - 7

Zombies: Pompadour, Bikini, Bikini Conehead

BWB - 8

Zombies: Pompadour, Conehead, Buckethead, Snorkel, Bikini (and the three variants)


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