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My Plant Ideas for PvZ2

Back then, I've thought several plant ideas for PvZ2. I could imagine using them in the game. *clears throat* So anyways, here they come!

1.) Tarantulip (personal best) - She encases a zombie with her web then that web will melt that unfortunate zombie, forming a sticky puddle that will slow down zombies stepping on it. Plant Food: It will launch a web net that will encase and melt zombies in a 3x4 area around her. Other zombies will still be slowed down when stepping on her web net.

2.) Spineapple - He's supposed to be attacking like Homing Thistle when zombies are far away from him and like Endurian when zombies are near to it until they're now in PvZ2. Plant Food: His projectiles will be stronger and has a retaliating armor.

3.) Grapple - This plant must be planted behind zombies. When done, he will grapple a zombie back to him. Plant Food: He will grapple zombies behind him then throws them to other zombies, dealing damage depending on the thrown zombies' health.

4.) Archerry - Just like Oak Archer.

5.) Carrotornado - When any projectiles pass through him, he will spin to make the projectiles hit zombies faster and harder. When nearby, he will deliver rapid damage to the zombies. Plant Food: Turns into a tornado that will gather zombies in a 3x4 area around him then tosses them off the screen.

6.) Perfume-shroom - Works like Fume-shroom but with zombie-slowing perfume. Plant Food: Same as Fume-shroom but with zombie-slowing perfume.

More coming soon! ;)

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