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  • I live in The Philippines
  • I was born on December 18
  • I am Male
  • WintahMhelon18

    I've joined this wiki since 2015 and I'm sure I did a lot to you or for this wiki. This year, I'm still gonna visit her, but maybe a bit less likely? Talk about those dang situations last year. Alright so, if you know me (or know me that well) you can post about the greatest thing I've ever done to you or for this wiki. This would serve as my guide to keep doing what I'm doing or just change a bit for the better. Alright, list away! (If you haven't hatched a lot of ideas, you can at least post just one.)

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  • WintahMhelon18

    Yet, Another Birthday!

    December 18, 2016 by WintahMhelon18

    Today is my 16th birthday! Thank you for the greeting messages you sent to me. If you still haven't, you can catch up here! Thanks for making this special for me guys! :3

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  • WintahMhelon18

    Just a Reminder

    November 1, 2016 by WintahMhelon18

    This month, I'll be going for a field trip in Bacolod (an unurbanized city of the Philippines) starting November 23. I may not be active for 5 days. Although I may find somewhere to connect to see you guys again. It's an opportunity that I mustn't miss. That's all for this blog. See ya!

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  • WintahMhelon18

    You might have probably noticed but I no longer feel like editing in this wiki. Most likely is mainspace. I no longer have any of the PvZ2 games. (PvZ2 has been gone in my phone for a long time ago if you haven't knew) Now there is a possibility that I'll lose interest to PvZ. It could also mean I'm leaving this wiki or not, but for now, I'm gonna save my account, because I kinda now go to forums (for games, voting, seeing certain highlighted threads) and mostly chat because I still have my wiki friends behind me. I can still share my experiences there and I just feel good about it. Now I also feel a bit more bored cuz my other wiki friends just left or have been inactive or they have their own reasons like Electric Plants, TULO, just to n…

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  • WintahMhelon18

    Yo guys. So I just posted a certain blog back then and I can consider this as a sequel for said blog. Current plants are Kiwibeast and Aloe. Feel free to give your thoughts about them.


    2 6 4

    Berry Plant
    When hurt: Gains 2
    Just a feeling of revenge. And exponential retaliation!


    0 3 4

    Succulent Plant
    When played: A plant gets +3. Heals a plant with the lowest health for +2 in every turn.
    Every drop counts. Every drop from me restores.

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