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  • I live in The Philippines
  • I was born on December 18
  • My occupation is Regular user | Gamer | Student
  • I am Male
  • WintahMhelon18

    Third time's a charm. I finally make this just in time, and not like those past 20 day-lays. So yeah, self-explanatory. I didn't expect to reach this far!

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  • WintahMhelon18

    I'll be randomly conducting a survey and let you guys vote your most favorite forum game that I created back then. The following are my biggest hits and skyrockets:

    Facts fun:
    ● Chain of Excuses was formerly named as Game of Excuses.
    ● It was given the most number of user collabs and revival threads.
    ● It was also given spinoffs (Leaderboards Edition and Story Edition)

    ● All of the aforementioned forum games let users to play as free and creative as they can.

    ● Most of these are casual to play, but ETKYFAZ adds more challenge, depending on activity.
    ● It was the only forum game of mine where losing is possible. (Nobody wants to start over, right?)

    ● I was originally going to follow my own "Forum Game Spectrum", which is C.C.C. (Casual, Challenge, …

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  • WintahMhelon18

    A long gone blog idea in my head. My first 2018 blog to indirectly start the year. This may be not the right time for me to create, but eh, screw it. It might help me visit here a bit more often. Ask away!

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  • WintahMhelon18

    A Nigh Goodbye to 2017

    December 31, 2017 by WintahMhelon18

    After some inactivity for several months, I finally decided to make this (and possibly journalize as well). Ah, 2017, it is nice being with ya, a lot of things are changing, that hopefully I may embrace or do myself such favors. First and foremost, I want to give the guys who still remembered or missed me a shout out. People come and go, but few will stay. 2017 has been just a decent year to me. So while at it--

    -I was at a possible route to conquer my pyrotechnophobia; yes I had a fear of loud sounds coming from firecrackers and fireworks. As of now, I'm still fighting.

    -School has become very hectic for me. I'm a STEM student who utterly hates the fact that most of the subjects where i have time to chill were removed and then frickin chang…

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  • WintahMhelon18

    Can't believe I realized it late again, May 7 was my 2nd Wikiversary! Staying strong with you guys! Even though I sometimes just talk to you guys through chat, forums, etc., just wanna thank you all for all the good times. Another milestone to be treasured! :)

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