(Credit goes to ZombieNinja723)

1. Crazy Dave doesn't care about his taco anymore 'because pirates'

2. When Swashbuckler Zombie comes, where does the rope come from?

3. How is a seagull able to carry a zombie?

4. Also, why is the zombie tied up?

5. Cabbage and f*cking MELONS don't affect the seagull, oh, but butter kills it instantly.

6. Pointless achievement (Pat the Birdy)

7. Wouldn't the imp die when fired out of the imp cannon?

8. Also, he would going a f*ck of a lot faster.

9. How many imps are in that cannon?

10. And whose manning the cannon?

11. How does the parrot, (Pirate Captain Zombie), know when to pick up a plant?

12. Also, how can it pick up a plant?

13. The plants are on WOOD.

14. How does buckethead pirate's helmet not burn when hit by a firey projectile?

15. How does Barrel Roller Zombie's Barrel not burn when hit by a firey projectile?

16. Lily pads can't be planted on PS water

17. Spikeweed is covered in spikes, but it dies when hit by a barrel zombie. Wouldn't one of the many spikes it has destroy the barrel, according to the game's logic?

18. Butter can freeze imps in mid-air.

19. Blover can blow away a good portion of zombies in this world, but it's introduced two worlds later where it is used on ONE kind of zombie!

20. Snapdragon's plant food can be on water

21. Spikeweed's plant food can move Dr. Zomboss. 

22. Save Our Seeds placement in this world is unoriginal.

23. Potato Mine can be planted on Lily Pads, but not on planks. And every other plant can be planted on planks.

24. Where did zombies get cones?

25. Spikeweed runs a buisness. How is that even possible?

26. Spikerock tried to buy tickets. Does weed-type plants in this game secretly have legs and arms?

27. How can threepeater play video games?

28. What's the point of threepeater in this world?

29. Spikeweed's 'weakness' is that he is crushed by rolling zombies. So can every other plant...

30. Spikerock's super nerf.

31. Where does Kernal-Pult get his kernals from? And why is butter a rare chance?

32. How can Cherry Bomb start a band?

33. Snapdragon's costume.

34. Pirate Zombie, there are no trends in the pirate world.

35. Buckethead Pirate is looking for his bucket. So, it's never fallen off?

36. A PIRATE in an UNDERGROUND club. What?

37. How does a parrot automatically know someone's name?

38. I don't belive there was dry cleaning in the ~1600s

39. Why is the Zombot Plank Walker so tiny in the almanac?

40. Why is seagull zombie slightly tilted in the almanac?

41. Pirate Gargantuar's almanac doesn't state how the shark ate the zombie.

42. Pirate Gargantuar is a true romantic, but as stated in the first game, Gargantuar cannot find a girlfriend.

43. Why does the parrot have an almanac entry?

44. Day 18 is awful.