Based on the real Beatles but a joke which involves Peashooters. I am a really big fan of the Beatles and do not mean to tease or make fun of them in anyway. This just my way of showing how great the Beatles were in PVZ style

The Peatles were a great English Plant Band which changed Plant and Roll forever. They're music stuck numerous countries and gave them millions of worldwide fans

The 4 members were

John Peannon (Peashooter): The founder of the group Quarryplants. He was born without any father and was a banjo player in the beginning. Then he worked his way up to the rhythm guitar.

Peal McCartney (Snow Pea): The second member of the band was the bassist of the group. He was the songwriting partner of John.

George Pearisson (Repeater): The youngest but the grooviest of the band because of his slick lead guitar skills

Peango Starr (Gatling Pea with no helmet): The oldest of them all. He's the shooter behind the cool drums.

How they began:

Peal McCartney was invited to watch the band, The Quarrypeas. John Peannon was the leader of the band. McCartney was asked to join them and in no time at all, he was in. Peal brought in George to play and he became the 3rd member of the band. John, Peal & George were all guitarists withv Peawart Sutcliffe as the bassist and Peat Best as the drummer. But Peawart became more interested in the fields of art than music so he quit to fulfill his dream and Peal became the bassist. They performed in the Cavern Plant Club. A plant named Plantern Epstein was interested in them and asked to be their manager. Peat suggested they change their name to the Peatles. Soon after, a man named George Magnetshroom became their record producer. Peat was fired because of his lack in skills and soon after, Peango joined the band. With these 4 lads, they were gonna rock PK and the whole world

With their first album Peas Peas Me, made it to number 1 with songs like Peas Peas Me, Pea S I hit You, I Saw Her Swaying There, Twist and Fire and more. It was on the chart for over 16 months. Their second album With the Peatles features songs like All my Shooting, Till There Was Pea, Peas Mr. Postman, Roll over Peathoven and a lot more classic songs. It also went to the number 1 place for almost a year. From lads playing in a club, they became rock and roll legends. They proved this with their next album, A Hard Zombie's Night. This would be the first album with a movie based on it. The Peatles themselves starred in it. Songs like Can't buy me Plants, A Hard Zombie's Night, And I Shot Her, You Can't Shoot That and others were a big hit.