Post after a long long time!

For Plants:

Sunflower - Too slow in making sun. I lost 28 levels thanks to that piece of garbage

Cherry Bomb - Not reusable like Chomper. UBER short range

Torchwood & Snow Pea - Never agree with each other

Threepeater - If put on 1st and 6th row, bottom and top heads become lazy and don't shoot. I wonder why?

Doomshroom - Always leave a crater in my wall. I keep falling and ending up in China

Hypnoshroom - I told him to hypnotize little boys to work for me. Trolled me and hypnotizes Gordon Ramsey (obviously not good), Slenderman (can't work, no eyes), Wolverine (keeps tearing up gift wrapper), Donald Trump (can't stop saying You're Fired!) and Chuck Norris (sneezed and made the North Pole end up in San Francisco)

Gloomshroom - Gave him 6 bar soaps and how to take a bath. Still didn't do so

Magnetshroom - When a polar bear appears in my office, Magnetshroom just keeps getting my rifle. Can't get it back. Get's disintegrated

Starfruit - Asked to shoot me in a Target Game in a Christmas Party. Used a 12 gauge instead of its stars

For Zombies:

Zombie - Told him to switch to cookies and milk instead of brains. Ate another brain after reading it

Conehead - Kept stealing police cones and sports cones

Pole Vaulting - Cheated the scores in the Annual Zombolympics

Football - Never joined a football game and cause for his team to lose. Kept on saying, "Maybe some other time."

Dancing - Broke the 80s cd records I gave him. Also gave him a disco dance teacher. Ate his brain

Dolphin Zombie - Kept on eating brains when he should be entertaining children at Ocean Park

Digger - Gave him tons of gold. Still mined and cause The Great PVZ gold loss of '10

Bungee - Steals from players (like me) and robbed all my underwear (Bungee Zombie, if you're reading this, give them back)

Gargantuar - Dude, I gave you mints! Where'd you put them?? Ilegally used steroids

Imp - Too lame period.

Hoho! Belated merry christmas!

Ask Santa anything!!!! :))))) He's also a fan of EPBs :D