It was such a beautiful day, it was on the 6th day of May.

The homeowner was having a good time, having breakfast with tea and lime.

Suddenly a hand emerged from the ground, what was it? A zombie he found!

He had no gun or bazooka or so, he couldn't kick butts like Master Po.

So he put a Peashooter in the ground, it grew and saw a zombie and heard his zombie-ish sound.

The plant fired as many peas as he can, the zombie died after taking ten.

Soon they got pissed and one put on a cone, the man at first tried to reach for his phone.

But the zombies got nearer him, will it be the end of Mr. Tim?

He knew he still had hope, he knew he shouldn't weep or mope

He had a Cactus seed to use, he better make sure he didn't lose

He put it in the ground and the Cactus appeared, now the new duo made the zombies look weird.

Then something tough came to the scene, it was a buckethead not Mr. Bean.

He planted and planted until they died, he was so scared he almost cried.

Then something speedy was approaching the lawn, he was hungry for brains not slimy prawns

It was the Pole Vaulting Zombie coming quick, faster than his friend Mr. Rick

He had to know what plant to use, or it is his brain he will lose.

He had an idea that will teach those mutts, he put in the seed and out came a Tallnut.

The Pole Vaulter tried to jump over it, but it was too tall making the Pole Vaulter quit.

But before he could turn back, the Cactus' spike killed him it was like shooting a tack.

Soon all of them began a revolution, he knew he should have made a anti-zombie constitution!

He had enough seeds to kill the group, he had to plant it soon because he had to poop!

Soon Chomper and Repeater and Snow Pea came about, they killed half the mob and the other half drove out.

More coming soon!