First one to answer gets 1st prize

Second one gets 2nd prize

And third one gets 3rd prize

1. A sign says:


_________ Zombie

Dangerous Stealer

$100,000 in cash as reward for whoever can capture him

What's the zombie?

1st prize: Coffee BAM!: Bungee Zombie

2nd prize: Guguy00

3rd prize:

2. In a quiz game.

Host: When is Melon-pult's birthday?

(Mystery Plant): May 21, 1999!

Host: Correct!

1st prize: Cofee BAM!: Kernel-pult

2nd prize: Shadythecat

3rd prize: Guguy00

Who's the mystery plant?


My name has 16 letters in it

I have something with me

Yes, it can be stolen by a Magnet-Shroom

I like to shake and be whacky.

What zombie am I?

1st prize: Wikia Contributor: Jack-in-the-box Zombie

2nd prize: Coffee BAM!

3rd prize: Guguy00



By: (Unknown writer)

The mushrooms of PVZ stayed in 1 apartment room. It was big, had a lot of bedrooms and a year supply of peach cobbler. One night the fungi fell asleep then thieves broke into their room. Sun-shroom found silhouettes in the kitchen. Then he alerted all the fungi about the robbers. Then they all ran to the kitchen. Iceshroom shouted, 'FREEZE!" Immediately the thieves froze with their hands held up. Fumeshroom called the police and the nasty crooks were arrested.


Signed by: Plantlock Holmes

Why didn't Holmes believe this story?

1st prize: Cofee BAM! Mushrooms don't sleep at night and CaleblovesGrotle they don't have hands and feet and Iceshroom can't talk

2nd prize: Guguy00

3rd prize: Laptop Zombie