Scientist Zombie: Holds a duplicator machine which can duplicate any zombie on the screen.

Surburban Almanac Entry: Scientist Zombie and Dr. Zomboss began plugging and drilling and blowtorching and hammering around until the made an invention that can increase the zombie population.

Snow Blower Zombie: He drives a truck that crushes plants and blows Balloon Zombies nearer to your house.

Surburban Almanac Entry: Him and Balloon Zombie were good friends. They'd help out each other, eat brains together and more. With this duo, they're unstoppable!

Exercise Zombie: He carries a huge barbel and smashes the first plant it runs into like a Gargantuar only he's smaller and can only use the dumbell once

Surburban Almanac Entry: How did he get the really powerful dumbell? He loves exercising then he picked up the sense of a nearby brain. So he decided to get the brain while exercising. Now he's stuck to that routine

Television Zombie: Carries a television as a shield. Tougher than a Football Zombie but slower than a regular zombie.

Surburban Almanac Entry: He love brains and tv. He likes cartoons, golf, news, fishing shows, commercials etc. But he also has a job to do. So he decides to bring tv with him.

Rockstar Zombie: He is seen beside the Dancing Zombie. He plays an electric guitar. He plays rock music throughout the game and the muic stops when he is killed.

Surburban Almanac Entry: Hired by Dancing Zombie, Rockstar Zombie is here to add a little jam in the Dancing Zombie's moves. He loves guitars especially his Gibson Les Paul which he always plays.

Secrets of the Rockstar Zombie

Looks of the Rockstar Zombie for Plants vs. Zombies 2: Long, messy, blond hair and a tank top with a brain on it, jeans and boots with cleets. Plays the Gibson Les Paul

Looks of the Rockstar Zombie for Plants vs. Zombies 3: Sunglasses, Red Mohawk, Black T-shirt with a guitar and a brain on it, jeans and Vans shoes. Plays the Fender Stratocater.


Queenpeater: A girl Peashooter with a gown and a crown. She can fires 6 peas at a time! Really powerful especially with a Torchwood

Cost: 450 sun

Recharge Speed: Slow

Special: Fires 6 peas at a time

Surburban Almanac Entry: Madame Queenpeater lives in a really nice palace. Her Gatling Pea guards are always there to guard her. Repeater has a little crush on her. Queenpeater is here to lead the peashooter society to victory.

Apple-pult: Flings apples that does the damage of a Melon-pult. Slow recharge but cheaper than a Melon-pult.

Cost: 200 sun

Recharge Speed: Slow

Surburban Almanac Entry: the youngest pult brother. Although he is the youngest, he can do the damage of his older brother Melon-pult. Yep he's a real hero.

Pine Tree: This is the 2nd plantable tree which shoots pines stronger and sharper than cactus and cattail spikes. Can pop balloons too.

Cost: 175 sun

Recharge Speed: Fast

Surburban Almanac Entry: Pine Tree stands tall. He sees the zombies out on the sidewalk ready to chew out the plants and get the homeowner's brain. Pine Tree can't let that happen. He really can't.