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New Zombotany 3

New Zombies:

Doom-shroom Zombie- Destroys a huge area of plants

Threepeater Zombie- Shoots plants in 3 different lanes

Starfruit Zombie- Shoots stars in 5 directions

Kernel-pult Zombie- Fires kernels and butter that makes plants stop working for 5 seconds

Umbrella Leaf Zombie- Blocks all types of attacks like peas, frozen peas, puffs, fumes, spikes and projectiles. Only an Instant Kill can destroy this zombie

Melon-pult Zombie- Fires melons that do heavy damage to your plants

Giga Tallnut Zombie- Has health of a Giga Gargantuar

Giga Wallnut Zombie- Has the health of a Gargantuar

Giga Squash Zombie- Has higher health and can squash 2 plants at a time

Giga Kernel-pult Zombie- Fires 5 kernels at a time and fires 3 butter which makes plants inactive for 15 seconds. Has the health of a Buckethead Zombie.

Giga Starfruit Zombie- Shoots stars in 10 directons that do 3 normal damage. Has the health of a Buckethead Zombie.

And the new era:

Freezing Tallnut Zombie- Any plant that fires at it and is near it become slow

Freezing Giga Tallnut Zombie- An even powerful version of the Freezing Tallnut Zombie

Switcheroo Wallnut Zombie- Switches plants in different places when eyes glow yellow

Switcheroo Giga Wallnut Zombie- An even powerful version of the Switcheroo Wallnut Zombie. Can switch 4 plants now.

Assorted Pea Peashooter Zombie- Can fire either a pea, frozen pea, flaming pea, 2 peas or 4 peas.

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