Plants vs. Zombies Wiki


How to beat I Zombie level, Can You Dig It?

First, put a buckethead in the 2nd lane. Then put a zombie in the 1st row to get rid of the Potato Mine. This is where the Digger Zombie comes in. Plant it also in the 1st row. Then put another zombie in the 1st row. You may notice that after this you'll get plenty of sun galore. Well that's good. Now put 2 zombies in the 3rd row so that one can destroy the potato mine and the other eats the brain. Then put 1 digger zombie each on the 4th and 5th lane. Now put a Buckethead on the 4th and 5th lane. The Digger and the Buckethead will get rid of all the plants. Soon enough, both bucketheads will eat the brains. There you have it! If you have any praises, good comments, questions and suggestions, put it in the comments. Thanks!


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