Based on ###########'s idea. Enjoy :)) And pls. leave comments for suggestions. I'm running out of ideas :(

Ratin: 1-1.5

Snow Pea vs. Conehead Zombie

Snow Pea: Oh yeah! Time for a rap battle, I'll win cuz I'm so cool

I can beat you in raps, in a race and in the pool

The word awesome is found in the name Snow Pea

Look it up in PVZ wiki, I can take you down easily

All you think about is that cone will make our lawn doomed

You may be a brain-eater but with that face, never a groom

I bet you can't get passed a friggin stop sign

After this, you're gonna die go ahead check your life line!

Conehead Zombie: Haha! Come at me! I won't bite

You're too cold for my teeth, but I can punch you till daylight

Yes your cool, but not as cool as any orange traffic cone

You don't even have protection, at least I have an Iphone

Your name sounds like Snow Pee, (phew!) even your piss is that freezing?

Just don't tinkle on your player, he may get a T-Virus sneezing

You have the shortest life ever, you end your day after winter

I'll rip all of your ice crystals off and make a shivering splinter!

Snow Pea: Facts show that 2.8% of you die over and over again

You know why? It's because of me, your good ol' blue faced friend

All those Pyros praise you, but the awesome praise me!

2 Wallnuts shall bowl you and your cone across the SC sea.

Conehead Zombie: You may be a strong as Repeater, but 3 times less the guts

You could play the trumpet? I can play the drum with your butt

I'll smack your eyes at the same rate, glitter flying everywhere

I'll run your life a hundred fifty times, so don't you even dare!

Who won? Who's next? You decide!

Put in the comments who won and who you want in the next plant battle! And who knows? Yours might be included!