I used the idea of MeVsZombiesMeWin. Been a long time ay? hehe. enjoy!

Rating: 3

Spikeweed vs. Zomboni

Spikeweed: Hoho! Lookie here! A man on a truck!

Expect your tires to pop, you winter dumbfuck

Newsflash, Spikeweed can never compare

To any other sharp thing, now put on Facebook and share!

You have a new vehicle ay? What a horrible choice

You should have used a Mercedes or maybe even a Rolls-Royce

But it really doesn't matter, I'll destroy it anyways

Better U-Turn now bub, your spirit shows your afraid!

Zomboni: My grandmother's own voice is better than your recently dissed raps

Your just a pile of muck with spikes, I bet you don't even fap!

Your brother was worse, but I dealed with that lot

I picked him up, stored him in and watched his own eyeballs rot!

You only have 1 life, are you a YOLO addict?

I wear winter clothes in the sun, you're as brown as my mom's prick

Why do you pop tires, you really don't have a living?

When I ride into the lawn, the player starts chilling

Because my hotrod is evil, the instrument of all that's bad

You hide your mouth in the grass because your teeth have gone mad

You're a noodle-brain with knives on his head and icky, yellow eyes

We'll squish you and keep our eyes on the prize!

Spikeweed: Easy there, Eskimo, I hate truck-driving roadhogs

You've gone off the road, and into the lawn with the fog!

Look we know that's how you are but show some class man!

Now get off your snow machine and fight like a man!

Zomboni: You're just jealous cuz you don't have arms and give me a punch

If only you were tall enough, you'd be an excellent lunch

And if I die, the zombie legacy will continue on

So come and kiss goodbye, but don't forget to smooch up your mum!

Who won? Who's next? You decide!

Put in the comments who won and who you want in the next plant battle! And who knows? Yours might be included!