Sorry guys. Busy as always. Anyways a lot of people requested this. And as I promised before, to warn the younger people about any bad words they shouldn't see, I made the ff. warnings to put on the EPBs

Rating 1: Has no bad words or very minimal

Rating 2: Some bad words classified in Group 1 (Crap, Dammit, B**tard etc.)

Rating 3: Has a lot of them classified in Group 1 or Group 2 ($h*t, F*ck, A$$) and very minimal to some bad words about private parts whatsoever.

Rating 4: Has Group 2 and a lot bad words about private parts whatsoever.

.5 will be put if there are

(Rating 2.5)

I'm posting this in behalf for I don't want to stop this cause it's what I do and I don't want it to get banned so rather than stop making these I'm trying to make this something better and safer for the younger people. And if you're a young Gr. 1-4 child, I recommend you only read the Rating 1 types. But don't do them in real life. Nuff said. Any questions just ask.

Cob Cannon vs. Giga Gargantuar

Cob Cannon: A clone with red eyes? You look like you just chopped onions

Or was that Garlic chewing on your mom's bunions

Everyone enjoys my taste, in-game and real life

It's probably about time you stop your little game of knife

My cob is so big your cock can never compare

And stop giving others that creepy-ass stare

Boom goes the cob and into your face

You may not find a gf, but you can't even tie a shoelace

Giga Gargantuar: You thought I was gonna rap like my clone?

Forget that, my badness leaks over my bones

Go ask Michael Jackson, and that Police rookie Ric

I'm sure even Edward Cullen thought my rhymes were slick

Don't you know how heavy a telephone post can be?

In 36.41 seconds you'll get crunched up by me

I'm betting $20,000 that you lose at the start

And your big-fat cob can be niftier than Nerf darts

I saw your report card, 67 eye-pooping times tardy

And once this pole goes onto your head, we'll be having a popcorn party

Cob Cannon: You had too much drugs, your feeling the wrong vibes

Even a pussy beats you since it has 9 lives

You ate your Almanac Entry with those tomato-red eyes

How would you like your ass? Steamed or deep fried??

Giga Gargantuar: Get your four wheeled platform over here right now!

You cost 500 sun, you'd be the last choice of Chairman Mao

Hundreds of people fear me and shut off the game

Welcome to the death line, what's your name?

Who won? Who's next? You decide!

Put in the comments who won and who you want in the next plant battle! And who knows? Yours might be included!