I'm back! Used Spudow's idea. Enjoy.

Screen Door Zombie vs. Peashooter

Screen Door Zombie: Screen Door's for life! A great tool for all

I'm gonna whoop your <censored> after I whoop your b*lls

You look like a cannon with a stem

With an a** for a mouth shooting round, green gems

My raps will freeze you like your pal Ice-shroom

I'll pound my door on your little wiener of doom

Nobody likes you except Grandma

This is like Skyrim, I'll blast you with a FUSRODAH!

Peashooter: You got a free coupon for a death sentence bro

My raps are so cool, oxygen can't flow

Even the Walking Dead are more skilled than you are

And with a torchwood, i'll melt your screen door like a chocolate bar

Look man, everyone knows

You'll die by me anyways, that's the way it goes

I'm gonna run you over like a run-away bus

There's one rule for zombies, Don't mess with us!

Screen Door Zombie: That's our rule, <censored>. You green-<censored> p**ck

I'm a worthy recruit, your a Pokemon rip

Try to defeat me with your little green spheres of death

And next time, don't smoke ass loads of meth!!!!!

(Bungee Zombie drops a bomb made of brains, meth, N2O gas, artificial fart and bacon)

Peashooter is gone................................................. Who can continue this battle??? One more line and this is finished

Repeater: I'll do it!

It's Repeater!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Repeaters: Oh yeah! Time for <censored> to get real

It's time you got down, say your prayers and kneel

I hate grey ugly d**chebags who are bald

Take a walk inside my Repeater hall

The Repeater is a classic than no one can beat

I'll show you what they mean when they say you're dead meat

I'll fire 2 peas at a time, then massacre the rest

Sorry door-fester but I'm the best!

Who won? Who's next? You decide!

Put in the comments who won and who you want in the next plant battle! And who knows? Yours might be included!