I used the idea of Theqmayn. Enjoy!

Giga Football Zombie vs. Puff-shroom

Giga Football Zombie: It's a puny shroom who we can pick on all day

Your puff range is so short, you always cause delays

That O-shaped mouth of yours looks like Peashooter's a**

Have you met my dad? His armor is made of brass

Go get a real job bro like being a Mushroom in Mario

Or be beaten up by the likes of Lucario

You may have no sun cost but it doesn't matter

You need to lose up on puffs cause you're getting fatter!

Puff-shroom: Jump off a cliff cause a lot of us will put you down

Don't play fool with us man, stop being a clown

2 Squashes can kill you for only 100 sun

Then my pal Doomshroom will make things done

I don't even think you can drive

And you're blacker than all the members of the Jackson 5

I may be small but I can be dangerous

Get ready cause a midget is gonna get vicious

Giga Football Zombie: I'm not afraid of you even if you say you're vicious

When zombies eat you, they say you're delicious

You're trying to fit in the Shoom family but you wont

You're not as tall as them that's why you always stay in front!

Puffshroom: 5 Wallnuts can kill you. Man you call that strong?

You got your football socks in a knot cause you are WRONG

Quit football and just play in a soccer game

But you'll not be a hero like Spiderman with Mary Jane!

Who won? Who's next? You decide!

Put in the comments who won and who you want in the next plant battle! And who knows? Yours might be included!