Enjoy! Based on the idea of Snowttail

Gatling Pea vs. Buckethead Zombie

Gatling Pea: It's time for a round of war, call the privates in their place

Time to eliminate the undead, time to stop their brain craze

A bucket on your head? That's nothing to my helmet

Now stand in the death line as i shoot you with my turret

Your friends are all a joke. Some sort of weird fairytale

I can't even tell if your a girl or a male

I'm sure you can ask for help from your zombie friends

But that bucket will never save your head again!

Buckethead Zombie: You're a tool, hammer and nail, i'll shove this down your throat

Then put you in a cage, sealed and shipped off in a boat

The blood on my bucket came from all my enemies

You lost a billion times in your little Air Raid

And in the Plant Army, you're not allowed to get laid

Sorry mahoney, zombies won again

I'm more of a monster than the creatures of Ben 10

So say goodbye to the peashooting generation

Say hello your death, a zombie invasion!

Gatling Pea: Hahaha! What a laugh, a zombie invasion

Boy when I look you at you, you remind of Fantasia

You're nothing compared to a rapid fire peashooter

I'll hit you in the head and splatter your balls all over the computer!

Buckethead Zombie:Don't you get it? I'll kill your before you do want you want

With a high-health bucket, which one of us is the <censored>?

You green-ass, helmet wearing, bellsprout prick

You couldn't even stand a chance against MICK................


Who won? Who's next? You decide!

Put in the comments who won and who you want in the next plant battle! And who knows? Yours might be included!