I did the suggestion of Cat-a-pult

Wallnut vs. Wallnut Zombie

Wallnut: Time to end my clone, only zombified version

It's me, a nut who's on a mission

To bowl your a**es back to your graves

So stick your nut shell up the creepy ass of Crazy Dave

Tell your boss to not turn us into a walking dead

Soon you'll find yourself in the hospital bed

I will assure you won't like your day of death

Hasta la vista or my name ain't Seth!

Wallnut Zombie: Dude I can crack you up with 72 bites

That ain't a lot if I have the might

Well I do, I'm a zombie version of you

So you can call me Wallnut type 2

I'm sure your plant friends can lend you a hand

We'll ship you to the market's with Zomboss Nuts as the brand

I can't tell the difference between you an a cashew

This battles is like an Arceus fighting a Sandshrew!

Wallnut: Don't play funny business with a 5 foot nut

You may want the brains but you're missing the guts

When Dr. Zomboss asks why you're shell broke up

Say that Wallnut had an ultimate power-up!

Wallnut Zombie: My b*lls are as creepy as my bark and my bite

I may look like you but I'm a godzilla inside

Consider me a nutcracker cause you're gonna come out of that shell

And show what kind of a man you are and face our hell!

Who won? Who's next? You decide!

Put in the comments who won and who you want in the next plant battle! And who knows? Yours might be included!