Zombie- Really Ugly, just looking at him makes our eyes ache.

Flag Zombie- He always brings zombies with him. He's not the general of the army.

Conehead Zombie- If only the zombie didn't know about "parties"

Pole Vaulting Zombie- Fast for us. Kinda like The Flash.

Buckethead Zombie- We blame the fisherman and his stinky buckets of fish.

Newspaper Zombie- Now who introduced sudoku to zombies?

Screen Door Zombie- How did he remove the door? He doesn't have any screwdriver.

Football Zombie- Really tough and an idiot. Plays football but doesn't know which ball it is. What a jerk.

Dancing Zombie- His moonwalk is worse than his bite.

Backup Dancer- We hate zombie groove. We hate everything about zombies, you know.

Ducky Tube Zombie- Looks pretty dumb in that thing. Why not use a lifejacket instead?

Snorkel Zombie- Peer pressure kills him. We should kill him not peer pressure.

Zomboni- The driver looks like a biker. Why is he on a machine?

Zombie Bobsled Team- We get annoyed by the SAME tricks they do every single time.

Dolphin Rider Zombie- Faster than a speeding bullet! Plus the dolphin noise hurts our ears.

Jack-in-the-box Zombie- Its song gives us chills.

Balloon Zombie- The balloon looks like Dracula. It's really scary. Good thing we have spikes in the house.

Digger Zombie- Hey! How did he get there? He's in the back! Oh my god!

Pogo Zombie- We hate its sproings and its party. There's no cake and presents. That sucks.

Zombie Yeti- I think this is the only zombie we like. Gives us loads of moolah.

Bungee Zombie- Steals our allies. Really doesn't deserve to live a little. The publisher of the Almanac is an idiot.

Ladder Zombie- Way worse than any other shield zombie. You know why. Mustache is annoying.

Catapult Zombie- It's a blob of blubber on scrapped junk with wheels and a basketball-launching mechanism.

Gargantuar- Goliath returned from the dead?!

Imp- Quite easy to kill. But you know what they say, small but terrible.

Dr. Zomboss- Magnet-shroom could have stolen the Zombot's parts a lot sooner.

Peashooter Zombie- It's an ally mixed with a zombie. They're cheating on us!

Wallnut Zombie- We don't enjoy crying at its broken and sorrowful face. We'll not fall for that again.

Squash Zombie- Heavy and fast! It's like a combination of Superman and a sumo! Not good.

Jalapeno Zombie- Plants don't get cremated.

Tallnut Zombie- Just as worse as Gargantuar. Plus it can't carry its huge head. Super glue, maybe?

Gatling Pea Zombie- We lose all our photosynthesis and water due to that peashooting moron.

Giga Gargantuar- It is a Gargantuar wearing a tactical vest underneath with sore eyes? Can't tell.

Giga Imp- Small but REALLY terrible applies to this little guy.

Invisible Zombies- We are not Ghostbusters you know.

Small Zombies- OUR TOYS ARE ALIVE!

Trash Can Zombie- Really stinky! Kinda like Garlic. No offense, Garlic.

Target Zombie- Another zombie that we like. We could use some target practice.