These are my ideas of 3 Minigames Titanic: It's a conveyor belt level. Each zombie has a specific weight. No plant can get eaten. Instead the zombies goes to the other side of the ship and weigh the plants down since they run to the bow. You lose if the plants go underwater. If you are able to kill all the zombies before they weigh the ship down, you win.

Plants: Cabbage-pult Cherry Bomb Cactus Tallnut Peashooter Squash Pumpkin Kernel-pult

Zombies: Zombie: Weight: 1 Conehead: 3 Buckethead: 5 Football: 10 Gargantuar: 25 Zombie Yeti (rare): 15 Catapult: 20 Zomboni: 20 Imp: 1

The ship can withstand 125 weight

Angry Birds PVZ: It's a combination of Angry Birds and PVZ. The zombies can hold either wooden blocks, glass blocks and concrete blocks. They also have their original shields and helmets. You have 2 seed holders. One for birds and one for plants. There's a slingshot. When you plant a bird it appears on the slingshot. Then you can fling it at the zombie. You don't need to choose thr birds as all the birds are there

Birds: Red Bird: 50 Sun (Has the damage of a Peashooter) Bluebird: 25 Sun (Has the damage of a Peashooter and has the same effect of a Threepeater) Yellow Bird: 75 Sun (Has the damage of a Repeater and has the same effect of a Fumeshroom) Black Bird: 150 Sun (Has the damage of a Cherry Bomb) White Bird: 100 Sun (Has the damage of 2 Gatling Peas and when you don't launch the egg it has the power of a Peashooter) Green Bird: 125 Sun (Has the damage of a Peashooter if direct hit and the damage of a Repeater if boomerangs back) Big Red Bird: 200 Sun (Has the damage of 3 Repeaters)