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    Santa's PVZ naughty list

    December 31, 2012 by Wallnut3457

    Post after a long long time!

    For Plants:

    Sunflower - Too slow in making sun. I lost 28 levels thanks to that piece of garbage

    Cherry Bomb - Not reusable like Chomper. UBER short range

    Torchwood & Snow Pea - Never agree with each other

    Threepeater - If put on 1st and 6th row, bottom and top heads become lazy and don't shoot. I wonder why?

    Doomshroom - Always leave a crater in my wall. I keep falling and ending up in China

    Hypnoshroom - I told him to hypnotize little boys to work for me. Trolled me and hypnotizes Gordon Ramsey (obviously not good), Slenderman (can't work, no eyes), Wolverine (keeps tearing up gift wrapper), Donald Trump (can't stop saying You're Fired!) and Chuck Norris (sneezed and made the North Pole end up in San Francisco)


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    Based on ###########'s idea. Enjoy :)) And pls. leave comments for suggestions. I'm running out of ideas :(

    Ratin: 1-1.5

    Snow Pea vs. Conehead Zombie

    Snow Pea: Oh yeah! Time for a rap battle, I'll win cuz I'm so cool

    I can beat you in raps, in a race and in the pool

    The word awesome is found in the name Snow Pea

    Look it up in PVZ wiki, I can take you down easily

    All you think about is that cone will make our lawn doomed

    You may be a brain-eater but with that face, never a groom

    I bet you can't get passed a friggin stop sign

    After this, you're gonna die go ahead check your life line!

    Conehead Zombie: Haha! Come at me! I won't bite

    You're too cold for my teeth, but I can punch you till daylight

    Yes your cool, but not as cool as any orange traffic cone

    You …

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    The Peatles

    October 6, 2012 by Wallnut3457

    Based on the real Beatles but a joke which involves Peashooters. I am a really big fan of the Beatles and do not mean to tease or make fun of them in anyway. This just my way of showing how great the Beatles were in PVZ style

    The Peatles were a great English Plant Band which changed Plant and Roll forever. They're music stuck numerous countries and gave them millions of worldwide fans

    The 4 members were

    John Peannon (Peashooter): The founder of the group Quarryplants. He was born without any father and was a banjo player in the beginning. Then he worked his way up to the rhythm guitar.

    Peal McCartney (Snow Pea): The second member of the band was the bassist of the group. He was the songwriting partner of John.

    George Pearisson (Repeater): The y…

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    I used the idea of MeVsZombiesMeWin. Been a long time ay? hehe. enjoy!

    Rating: 3

    Spikeweed vs. Zomboni

    Spikeweed: Hoho! Lookie here! A man on a truck!

    Expect your tires to pop, you winter dumbfuck

    Newsflash, Spikeweed can never compare

    To any other sharp thing, now put on Facebook and share!

    You have a new vehicle ay? What a horrible choice

    You should have used a Mercedes or maybe even a Rolls-Royce

    But it really doesn't matter, I'll destroy it anyways

    Better U-Turn now bub, your spirit shows your afraid!

    Zomboni: My grandmother's own voice is better than your recently dissed raps

    Your just a pile of muck with spikes, I bet you don't even fap!

    Your brother was worse, but I dealed with that lot

    I picked him up, stored him in and watched his own eyeballs ro…

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    Sorry guys. Busy as always. Anyways a lot of people requested this. And as I promised before, to warn the younger people about any bad words they shouldn't see, I made the ff. warnings to put on the EPBs

    Rating 1: Has no bad words or very minimal

    Rating 2: Some bad words classified in Group 1 (Crap, Dammit, B**tard etc.)

    Rating 3: Has a lot of them classified in Group 1 or Group 2 ($h*t, F*ck, A$$) and very minimal to some bad words about private parts whatsoever.

    Rating 4: Has Group 2 and a lot bad words about private parts whatsoever.

    .5 will be put if there are

    (Rating 2.5)

    I'm posting this in behalf for I don't want to stop this cause it's what I do and I don't want it to get banned so rather than stop making these I'm trying to make this som…

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