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    October 22, 2011 by Vductricon22

    Hey Dudes, today, I challenge you to do these!

    • Complete Survival Night (Hard) without mushrooms, instant kills (except Potato Mine) n' upgrades (except Twin Sunflower)
    • Complete Survival Day (Hard) with mushrooms and Coffee Beans (Good Morning Achievement!)
    • Complete Survival Roof (Hard) without using any catapult plants (Grounded Achievement!) Winner: Hitoridakeno
    • Complete Zombotany 2 but only use the pool Winner: Pvzaddict1276
    • Discover Zombie Yeti in the Day, Night, Pool, Fog and Roof Area
    • Show me all 22 hypnotized zombies

    Post a picture or a video below on the comments section and I'll choose the winner!

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  • Vductricon22

    PVZ Strategy Wiki

    October 8, 2011 by Vductricon22

    Hey dutys! So today, I created a new wiki called PVZ Strategy. I need:

    • Admins
    • Pages
    • MOAR!!!

    Here it is:

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  • Vductricon22

    Plants vs Zombies Quiz

    September 5, 2011 by Vductricon22

    Hey PvZ Fans, I'm Dylan. Today, You gonna play my Plants vs Zombies Quiz.

    Question 1: If Winter Melon is Melon-pult's sister, who's gonna be Melon-pult's brother?

    Question 2: Marigold, Sunflower, who's gonna win?

    Question 3: If there's a Giga Dr. Zomboss . What's his health points?

    Update 12/9/2011: I have more questions for u guys:

    Question 4: What's Kernel-pult's age?

    Question 3: On the left is my Zombatar. So, i want you guys to name it like Zombie the kid guy or something

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