I love Plants vs. Zombies and I love anime conventions. So, why not combine the two?

This was my idea for ZomBotany.

The garden is separated by wall, which indicate panels, and zombies will come in the panels. Although it attracts them, some plants are guarded by the walls and cannot be eaten.

"Join the annual ZombieCon in the 2000's, where zombies of all shapes an sizes meet and cosplay as plants!"

ZombieCon - Day 1 Dialogue:

Crazy Dave: Wow! Look at all these plants! We must be readier to fight the zombies than ever!

Penny: I'm afraid those are zombies dressed up as plants. It's called cosplay.

Crazy Dave: I thought WE were the only ones sowing seeds here!

Penny: We are. But this is the ZombieCon of the 2000's, where zombies of all types meet together. Dressing up as plants is one of the traditions here.

Crazy Dave: Well one of these zombies has to have my taco!

Penny: Wait, no! It's too dangerous! There are thousands of them! Let's stay in those panels instead.

ZombieCon - Day 2 Dialogue:

Crazy Dave: Man, we need more magic to happen in this con!

Penny: I suggest we get the help of Masked Magnolia, then. She shoots magical beams at zombies that explode in a 3x3 area.

Crazy Dave: Yeah, she's literally magical! Way to go, Penny!

ZombieCon - Day 5 Dialogue:

Penny: To study our enemies and get to know more about their abilities, I would suggest taking pictures of them.

Crazy Dave: Well, say hello to Snap-trap-shot! He's go a nice camera around his neck. Plus, he'll chew up any projectiles shot by zombies! Not only that, he's tougher than your average plant!

Penny: Can you ask him to take a pictures of the projectiles first before eating them?

ZombieCon - Day 10 Dialogue:

Crazy Dave: Those Wall-nut Zombies werre hungrier than I thought! We're gonna need some tough plant to withstand those zombies.

Penny: We can try using Apple to help. He's tougher than your average plant and he can roll at zombies too.

ZombieCon - Day 15 Dialogue:

  • You got a note!*

Crazy Dave: What the heck? Is this the main event?

Penny: It'll be the closing ceremony for us if we don't focus.

ZombieCon - Day 16 Dialogue:

Zomboss: Attention everyone! This is Zomboss from Hall H! If you find a crazy man with an alive friend and a talking, time-traveling car, please kick them out! We only allow zombies at this convention!

Crazy Dave: Penny, I'm scared...! Let's go back to our hotel where everything is safe.

Penny: Zomboss does not actually own this convention. HE STOLE SOMEONE'S OWNERSHIP. It's okay, User Dave. The Fume-shroom Gargantuar is no match for our plants.

ZombieCon - Day 18 Dialogue:

Crazy Dave: Hey Penny, do you think there's a way to get some more sun?

Penny: At ZombieCon? Indeed. Lucky Bamboo Seven is the plant you're looking for.

Crazy Dave: Good idea, Penny! He makes sun out of any zombe he defeats!

ZombieCon - Day 20 Dialogue:

  • You beat the level*

Crazy Dave: Wow! A panel schedule! Penny, let me list the panels I would like to go to...

Penny: I fear these panels are more dangerous than the ones at the other conventions you've went to.

ZombieCon - Day 21 Dialogue:

Crazy Dave: Penny... I have the feeling we're being watched.

Penny: We're being watched by an Orchideo Camera. It is mainly used for seeking zombies and defeating them.

Crazy Dave: We can use Orchideo Camera to defeat the zombies?

Penny: Yes. Indeed, User Dave.

Crazy Dave: Maybe Orchideo Camera saw my taco!

Penny: I find it very unlikely, User Dave.

ZombieCon - Day 32 Dialogue

Zomboss: Hey "friends!" Guess what time it is... That's right! I'm on stage! You better pay attention and listen to our skit! Even better: You, as the audience, get to be a part of the act!

Crazy Dave: Cool, we get to be a part of this skit!

Penny: Something suggests that if we participate in this skit something bad will happen.

Crazy Dave: WOOHOO!!! I wanna be in- wait, that's me! Is Dr. Zomboss cosplaying as me?

  • You defeated Dr. Zomboss*

Penny: So, how was it?

Crazy Dave: That was the worst masquerade skit I've ever seen.

Penny: I told you so.

Dr. Zomboss: Well, time traveler, you and Crazy Dave did a fantasic job! Except one thing: I was supposed to eat your brains! Oh well. It's time for me to go and leave the rest of the zombies here...

Feel free to write a comment on any plant ideas!

Thicket Dealer

Thicker Dealers throw tickets that hit five zombies at once.

ZombieCon Part 1 Sneak Peek.

Sun cost: 200; Damage: Moderate; Range: Multi-hit; Recharge: Fast.

Gem cost: 12

He's not as scary as he looks. He's just your average, friendly ticket dealer. This way to ZombieCon.

Masked Magnolia

Masked Magnolia shoots powerful beams of magic that explode in a 3x3 area.

Unlocked after beating ZombieCon - Day 1.

Sun Cost: 175; Damage: Normal; Range: Straight; Recharge: Fast.

Gem Cost: 15

No one has seen Masked Magnolia's face. NO ONE. People often wonder why that is. Maybe Magnolia is just too shy.


Snap-trap-shot chews up projectiles shot by zombies.

Unlocked after beating ZombieCon - Day 6.

Sun Cost: 225; Toughness: Elevated; Recharge: Mediocre

Gem cost: 10

Why did Snap-trap-shot come to ZombieCon? He pretended to be a zombie and took pictures of all the cosplay to show to the other plants when he got back from the con.


Apple can be used to protect zombies or can be tapped to roll at zombies.

Unlocked after beating ZombieCon - Day 10.

Sun Cost: 150; Damage: Heavy; Toughness: High; Recharge: Mediocre

Gem Cost: 12

Apple likes hanging out in trees, trying out and using the latest technology.

Orchideo Camera

Orchidea Cameras take a while to charge, but can fire a beam that hits all zombies in a lane.

ZombieCon Part 2 Sneak Peek.

Sun Cost: 450; Damage: Huge; Range: Multi-hit; Recharge: Fast

Gem Cost: 15

One day, a scientist miixed a video camera and an orchid, and KABLAM! The result was Orchideo Camera. Before sharing his new creation, the scientist taught it how to defeat zombies with devastating power. Now the Orchideo Camera is a help to any plant wherever it goes.

Lucky Bamboo Seven

Lucky Bamboo Seven creates sun out of zombies it defeats!

Unlocked after beating ZombieCon - Day 19.

Sun Cost: 250; Damage: Moderate; Range: Straight; Recharge: Fast

Gem Cost: 12

It's no surprise that Blover is Lucky Bamboo Seven's best friend.

Hater Tater

Hater Taters attack zombies out of hatred and darkness, but they need to recharge too.

Special: Affected zombies are damaged over time

Sun Cost: 300; Damage: Huge; Range: Close; Recharge: Mediocre

Gem Cost: 15

Protects his plant friends and keeps zombies out of their way because of his pure hatred for zombies.

Zombies (Part 1):

Attendee Zombie

Regular convention-attending zombie.

Toughness: Average; Speed: Basic

Attendee Zombie attended ZombieCon, but then suddenly forgot why he went there.

Conehead Attendee

His schedule cone makes him twice as tough as a regular attendee zombie.

Toughness: Protected; Speed: Basic

Conehead Attendee has gone to all the panels of ZombieCon. No one knows how he has so much time for this.

Buckethead Attendee

His backpack bucket greatly protects him from damage.

Toughness: Hardened; Speed: Basic

It was lunch time, and Attendee Zombie brought a brain sandwich to eat. He couldn't find it, so he though sticking his head in the backpack would help him find it.

Flag Attendee Zombie

Marks the arrival of a huge fun wave of zombies.

Toughness: Average; Speed: Basic

Want to know how Flag Attendee Zombie made his flag? He simply rolled up a zombie's artwork from the Artist Alley and stuck a map to it.

Peashooter Zombie

Shoots peas at plants.

Toughness: Average; Speed: Basic

Almost everyone asked Peashooter Zombie what he was supposed to cosplay.

Wall-nut Zombie

His Wall-nut head provides greater protection.

Toughness: Hardened; Speed: Basic

It's a mystery how Wall-nut can see through the giant cardboard Wall-nut head he wears.

Sunflower Zombie

Drops sun when defeated.

Toughness: Average; Speed: Basic

Sunflower Zombie went to the Artist's Alley. She saw multiple types of art which included drawings of brains, horribly written notes and drawings of plants. But she decided she liked the poster with the sun on it.

Cabbage-pult Zombie

Lobs cabbages at the backmost plant.

Toughness: Average; Speed: Basic

Run, Cabbage-pult Zombie, run! He's in a hurry to attend the next panel he wants to go to.

Repeater Zombie

Shoots two peas at plants. 

Toughness: Solid; Speed: Basic

Everyone makes fun of Repeater Zombie for shooting two peas at a time, especially in the game corner. They wait for him to join a nice four-player game to make him player two. Others just do this and don't know why they are doing this.

Puff-shroom Imp (credit goes to IMCR8Z)

Launches towards most of your defences, then explores onward. Will shoot fumes and self-detruct if not defeated in time.

Toughness: Average; Speed: Hungry

Puff-shroom Imp is Fume-shroom Gargantuar's partner in cosplay. Together, the two are known as Brain Moon Cosplay.

Fume-shroom Gargantuar (credit goes to IMCR8Z)

Vast zombie with dangerous cosplay.

Toughness: Great; Speed: Hungry

Damage: Crushes plants with prop

Damage: Sprays fumes at plants

Special: Launches Puff-shroom Imp when damaged

Fume-shroom Gargantuar's cosplay is known all over the area he lives. Plus, he's also got a cosplay page if you like his cosplay. He also hands out contact cards to zombies who take pictures of him.

Zombies (Part 2):

Snapdragon Zombie

Breathes fire on plants.

Toughness: Solid; Speed: Hungry

Snapdragon Zombie knew fire wasn't allowed at ZombieCon, but he found a way to hide his firery breath ability in this Snapdragon head.

Threepeater Zombie

Shoots three peas, each in different lanes.

Toughness: Average; Speed: Basic

The biggest hater of multi-player video games. Well, any video game. Threepeater can't play any video games with two Peashooter heads for hands.

Tall-nut Zombie

His Tall-nut head provides excellent protection.

Toughness: Machined; Speed: Stiff

Tall-nut Zombie's cosplay was a huge success. His next step is to attend next year's ZombieCon and to make some armor, possibly made of foam or newspaper.

Zombot Malicious Masquerade

The greatest skit of the masquerade of ZombieCon.

The zombot would have Dr. Zomboss cosplaying as Crazy Dave (thanks IMCR8Z for the idea) and a few other zombies. There would also be stage props in the backgounrd and speakers.

Toughness: Undying; Speed: Hungry

Special: summons zombies from the backstage as a part of the act

Dr. Zomboss worked really hard to gather a group of zombies to help him perform the act you saw at ZombieCon. As always, he thought making a giant robot was no longer necessary.

First phase: Attendee Zombie, Peashooter Zombie, Wall-nut Zombie, Cabbage-pult Zombie, Threepeater Zombie

Second phase: Attendee Zombie, Conehead Attendee, Repeater Zombie

Third phase: Attendee Zombie, Coneehad Attendee, Buckethead Attendee, Snapdragon Zombie, Tall-nut Zombie

Plants given in the boss battle: Pea Pod, Thicket Dealer, Masked Magnolia, Snap-trap-shot, Apple, Orchideo Camera and Hater Tater.

Endless Zone name: Panels of Pain




Zombiecon apple


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Snap-trap-shot vs Peashooter Zombie

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