This is another fan world I made up. 

Please help contribute to this idea as much as you can!

I was thinking of this world being in modern time, but maybe it should be in the 1880s when the sled was invented. What do you think?


needs plant ideas. Especially fire plants.

Zombies (Part 1):

The regular zombies are wearing sweaters, pajama pants and boots.

Winter Zombie: Regular sweater zombie. Toughness: Average; Speed: Basic

Winter Conehead Zombie: His wooden cone gives him twice the toughness of a normal winter zombie. Toughness: Protected; Speed: Basic

Winter Buckethead Zombie: His snowball bucket gives him great resistance to damag Toughness: Hardened; Speed: Basic

Wintercoat Zombie: The winter coat provides amazing protection from damage. Toughness: Machined; Speed: Basic

Winter Flag Zombie: Marks the arrival of a huge snowy "wave" of zombies. Toughness: Average; Speed: Basic

Sledding Zombie: Rides a sled, then crushes a plant with the sled. (Pretty much a Surfer Zombie except he stops when he approaches a plant. ) Toughness: Protected; Speed: Hungry

Snowball Imp: Shot over most of your defenses, then rolls onward. Toughness: Average; Speed: Hungry

Snowman Gargantuar: Vast zombie who refuses to melt. Damage: crushes plants with log. Special: Throws snowball Imp when damaged. Toughness: Great; Speed: Hungry

Zombies (Part 2):

Ice Skater Zombie: Ice skates, jumping over plants. Toughness: Protected; Speed: Hungry

Snowfort Zombie: Builds a snow fort, protecting zombies behind it. Toughness: Dense Zombot Frozen Fort: The coldhearted fort that freezes plants. Toughness: Undying; Speed: Hungry

Boss battle details:

Plants (unfinished): Pepper-pult


1st phase: Winter Zombie; Conehead Winter Zombie; Buckethead Winter Zombie; Sledding Zombie

2nd phase: Conehead Winter Zombie; Buckethead Winter Zombie; Snowball Imp; Snowman Gargantuar

3rd phase: Conehead Winter Zombie, Buckethead Winter Zombie, Wintercoat Zombie, Sledding Zombie, Ice Skater Zombie


Demonstration Mini-Game: 
Winter Wonderland

Please add more plant and zombie ideas in the comments.