So I have been actually thinking of an idea for a fan world. The world would take place at my house (in the room where I am the most. Of course this is the room with my computer, video games and big LEGO models.).

This world takes place in the future in 2013. (The present time in PvZ2 is 2009.)

Let me explain my idea here.

Intro Script

Crazy Dave: Wow! Look at all of those games! But there are no tacos in that fridge!

Penny: User Dave, I have detected that the zombies have already reached this person's house. We must do our best to stay out of that couch.

Crazy Dave: Guess we have to play video games standing then!

Penny: Right. But no one is in this house, so I have no idea if any brains got eaten. 

Crazy Dave: We shall play a game of "Defeat the Zombies!" So song!

Enviroment Modificator

The special thing here in this world is the Music Tile. Tap Music Tiles to release shock waves that instantly kill zombies. They have a quick recharge time too! But don't mistake them for Power Tiles, because they do nto spread Plant Food attacks.


IMG 0004

The new plants.

Frog Flower

Sun Cost: 175; Damage: Moderate; Recharge: Fast

Frog Flowers shoot poisonous bubbles at zombies which do damage over time.

There are two things Frog Flower really likes: eating food and the style of his beard petals.

Umbrella Leaf

Sun Cost: 100; Recharge; Fast

Umbrella Leaves block Bungee Zombies.

(needs almanac entry)


Sun Cost: 450; Damage: Moderate; Recharge: Fast

Leaf-hsin001s throw three video tapes in three lanes, throwing nine video tapes in total.

Of all the plants, Leaf-hsin001 is best known for his endless bravery. He really motivates the other plants to not be afraid while fighitng the zombies.

Coffee Bean

Sun Cost: 75; Rehcarge: Fast

Wakes up sleeping plants.

(needs almanac entry)


Sun Cost: 150; Toughness: High; Recharge: Mediocre

Chest-nuts have high defense and can poke zombies with their spikes when they get too close.

Before fighting the zombies, Chest-nut was the singer for a metal band. But one day, audience members at his concert were getting bitten and turning into the undead. Chest-nut knew there was something wrong. It took a while to notice that a zombie illegally entered his concert! From then on, Chest-nut decided to help the plants fight the zombies.

Polar Pear:

Sun Cost: 200; Damage: Normal; Toughness: Elevated; Rechage: Fast

Polar Pears spit snowballs and have higher toughness than other plants.

Of the pears, Polar Pear is the coolest! He's definitely cooler than Grizzly Pear, Brown Pear or Panda Pear. Get it? Well, I sure don't.

VGKing1 Plant:

Shoots lasers at zombies while punching any zombies that get too close.

Sun Cost: 550; Damage: Heavy; Range: Multi-Hit; Recharge: Fast

VGKing1 Plant isn't really VGKing1 in a plant form. Instead, VGKing1 plant is some random plant that VGKing1 gave his computer head and gloves to in order to defend his brains. VGKing1 plant doesn't really know why he deserved such a nice computer head and gloves, but VGKing1 knew what he was doing.


VGKing1 Fan Zombie:

Regular undead VGKing1 Fan.

Toughness: Average; Speed: Basic

Conehead VGKing1 Fan:

His Leehsin001 Santa Hat cone makes him twice as tough as normal VGKing1 Fans.

Toughenss: Protected; Speed: Basic

Buckethead VGKing1 Fan:

His yellow helmet provides great protectin from damage.

Toughness: Hardened; Speed: Basic

VGKing1 Flag Zombie:

Marks the arrival of a gaming wave of zombies.

Toughness: Average; Speed: Basic.

Fire Sword Zombie:

Burns plants with his fire sword while doing sword combos. Cannot be extinguished by cold attacks.

Toughness: Solid; Speed: Hungry

Professor X Zombie:

Runs 4 tiles into the lawn and then starts to crush plants with his basketball, which can be reused.

Toughness: Protected; Speed: Hungry

More coming soon.


The ambush here is AR Game. Imps riding ATVs come out of nowhere and attack plants.


The game here is a rhythm game and you must defeat the zombies by tapping music tiles at the right time.



VGK's House

Demonstration Mini-Game:

VGKing1's House

Demonstration Mini-game:

More info coming soon.