This is another fan world I made.

I have a picture of the plants, credit goes to BUL9 for Looking Grass's name.

IMG 0012

Here they are. Polygon Pedal and Bean Barrier are in Part 2.

Plants (Part 1):

Tulip Turret (Beat Super Space Shooter - Day 1 to unlock)

Sun cost: 200; Damage: Moderate; Recharge: Fast

Tulip Turrets shoot lasers at zombies. They can also rotate to shoot a certain zombie.

Plant food ability: Locks on a zombie and shoots 60 lasers. If the zombie is dead, locks on another zombie. Gem cost: 10

Tulip Turnip isn't ashamed that he's pink. He is proud to be pink, he doesn't care what others think! Sorry, rhyming not intended.

Looking Grass (Beat Super Space Shooter - Day 3 to unlock)

Sun cost: 100; Recharge: Mediocre

Looking Grass reflects lasers shot by zombies.

Plant food ability: Shines, causing lasers it reflects to deal double the damage. Gem cost: 15

What's the relationship between Magnifying Grass and Looking Grass? Some think Looking Grass is Magnifying Grass's brother. Others think Looking Grass is Magnifying Grass's boyfriend. Finally, there are those who think Magnifying Grass and Looking Grass are not related at all. There's just not enough evidence. Looking Grass is only seen doing exercise with Hot Potato trying to fold himself. (Credit goes to Cowko for helping me come up with a better flavor text)

Flower Tower (Beat Super Space Shooter - Day 7 to unlock)

Sun cost: 300; Damage: Normal; Toughness: High Recharge: Sluggish

Flower Towers are tall, defensive plants who are also good at offense.

Plant food ability: Gains armor and shoots 60 lasers. Gem cost: 15

Flower Tower tried working with young plants once, and it went great. Not only did her flowers amaze the young plants, but they looked up to her too. Now she feels like she is good at setting examples.

Cold Berry Cannon (Beat Super Space Shooter - Day 12 to unlock)

Sun cost: 450; Damage: Huge; Area: 3x3; Recharge: Fast

Cold Berry Cannons shoot giant frozen blueberries that chill surviving zombies.

Plant food ability: Similar to Coconut Cannon's but chills survivors. Gem cost: 10

He looks coldhearted, but Cold Berry Cannon just wishes he could give you a high five. The reason why he can't is only because he doesn't have any hands... He's been looking for hands at upgrade stores, but has not succeeded yet.

Plants: (Part 2):

Polygon Petal (Beat Super Space Shooter - Day 22 to unlock)

Sun cost: 200; Damage: Normal; Range: Multi-Way Recharge: Fast

Polygon Petal and be planted on the same space for up to 6 times for destruction in 8 directions.

Plant food ability: Shoots 5 giant projectiles in each direction. Gem cost: 15

How does Polygon Petal grow so many petals so quickly? "Thanks to the help of my gardener, I'm able to grow more petals to defend the house from the zombies." 

Bean Barrier (Beat Super Space Shooter - Day 25 to unlock)

Sun cost: 75; Toughness: Elevated; Recharge: Sluggish

Plant a Bean Barrier on both ends in the same column to produce a barrier of flowing electricity. 

Plant food ability: Automatically plants a bean barrier on the other end and creates a heavily damaging barrier. Gem cost: 15

The mischievous Bean Barrier twin brothers are the playful cousins of the Bean brothers. They like to hang out with their cousin, Laser Bean, and have some of the most competitive staring contests. 

Zombies (Part 1):

Space Criminal Zombie

Regular zombie wanted in outer space.

Toughness: Average; Speed: Basic

(flavor text coming soon)

Conehead Space Criminal

His antenna cone makes him twice as tough as a basic space criminal.

Toughness: Protected; Speed: Basic

Ever wondered if Conehead Space Criminal's antenna is made of metal? Nope! Conehead Space Criminal thought it would be cool to cut up his cone to look like an antenna. It's rather unique!

Buckethead Space Criminal

His space bucket provides great protection from damage.

Toughness: Hardened; Speed: Basic

(flavor text coming soon)

Flag Space Criminal Zombie

Marks the arrival of a huge arcade wave of zombies.

Toughness: Average; Speed: Basic

Flag Space Criminal is proud to hold the flag of the Undead Space Criminals.

Laser Gun Zombie

Shoots lasers at plants.

Toughness: Solid; Speed: Basic

Altough Laser Gun is good at using his laser gun, he is curious about how the other objects used by the other zombies worked.

Mini Starship Zombie

Drives a starship that flies while shooting lasers.

Toughness: Protected; Speed: Hungry

It looks totally cramped in there, but Mini Starship Zombie is actually quite comfortable in that ship. Shooting lasers and able to fly... Mini Starship Zombie enjoys his job.

Space Walker Zombie

The walking space machine provides superior protection for the zombie that controls it.

Toughness: Machined; Speed: Stiff

Even in this arcade game, someone remembered the bucket but was to lazy to make a bucket machine. Plus, there were already Space Walkers, so the zombies just decided to go go with that.

(Looking for more zombie ideas, especially Imp and Gargantuar ideas)

Zombies (Part 2):

Mothership Zombie

Summons Mini Starship Zombies to help the invasion.

Toughness: Machined

The mothership is the best machine a zombie could use. Only zombies that are so well-trained are allowed to go into the mothership and send in Mini Starships to launch an invasion. However, Dr. Zomboss seems to be quite picky about which zombies are "well-trained..."

Zombie Black Hole

Destroys plants by sucking them in. Cannot suck anything behind Infi-nut's barrier.

Toughness: Dense

The Zombie Black Hole is feared by both zombies and plants. Somehow, the zombies don't seem to realize that Zombie Black Hole is on the side of the zombies...

Zombot Star Smasher

The most wanted outlaw from outer space.

Toughness: Undying; Speed: Hungry

Damage: Shoots lasers at plants

Special: Drops missiles on tiles to create holes

(flavor text coming soon)

Phase 1: Space Criminal Zombie, Conehead Space Criminal, Buckethead Space Criminal, Laser Gun Zombie, Mini Starship Zombie

Phase 2: Conehead Space Criminal, Buckethead Space Criminal, (insert Imp here), (insert Gargantuar here)

Phase 3: Conehead Space Criminal, Buckethead Space Criminal, Laser Gun Zombie, Mini Starship Zombie, Space Walker Zombie

Pinata Party Costumes



Pinata Party costumes! Here they are: Tulip Turret: purple bow tie Looking Grass: eyelashes Flower Tower: red bow Coldberry Cannon: ice helmet Polygon Petal: sunglasses Bean Barrier: password system