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Some kind of stats system I made

VGKing1 June 29, 2015 User blog:VGKing1

So I remember doing this stats thing on my Facebook and I decided to share my stats here.

Feel free to copy and paste mine and change it in the comment so I can see you stats.

Basically this is another way for us to get to know each other a little more.

Here are my stats:

Sports time:                       |||          3

The amiibo collection:         |||||||||| 10

Highest DDR level beaten:   |||||||||| 10

Willingness to go on a date: |          1

Musical skill:                      |||||||||    9

Optimism:                          ||          2

Frequency saying BRU!!!!:  ||||||||||   10

(BRU!!!!! really is what I say when I disapprove of something, kind of got it from a friend.)

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