I will proudly announce I am a Christian. No, I am not trying to disrespect other religions. But I decided to make a world based off the Old Testament of the Bible.

Help and ideas are appreciated.

Plants (part 1):

Forbidden Fruit:  Sun cost: 225 Damage: Massive; Area: 3x3; Recharge: Mediocre Forbidden Fruits force zombies that eat it to explode.

(insert flavor text here)

Unlock after beating Old Testament - Day 1.

Ark-tichoke:  Sun cost: 300 Toughness: High; Recharge: Mediocre Ark-tichokes provide height and defense for three plants in a row.

People often ask Ark-tichoke what it was like surviving floods. Ark-tichoke is lazy and does not feel like giving a complete answer. His answer always comes out as this: Artichoke sighsand says, "It was a rather interesting experience."

Unlock after beating Old Testament - Day 6.

Burning Bush:  Sun cost: 175 Damage: Moderate; Area: Tile; Recharge: Fast Burning Bushes set the tile in front of them on fire once they see a zombie.

(insert flavor text here)

Unlock after beating Old Testament - Day 10.

Plants (Part 2):

Light Bulb: Sun cost: 100 Recharge: Fast Reveals zombies cloaked in darkness.

Nut King: Sun cost: 125 Toughness: Elevated; Recharge: Mediocre Nut Kings can be planted in the back to heal plants in front of them or to simply serve as defense in the front.

Zombies (Part 1): Demon Zombie: Toughness: Average; Speed: Basic Regular undead demon meant to be cast away.

Conehead Demon: Toughness: Protected; Speed: Basic His devil horn cone makes him twice as tough as normal demons.

Buckethead Demon: Toughness: Hardened; Speed: Basic His evil bucket greatly protects him from damage.

Flag Demon Zombie: Toughness: Average; Speed: Basic Marks the arrival of a huge demonic "wave" of zombies.

Zombie Snake: Toughness: Average: Speed: Speedy Zombie Snakes can slither in between plants or eat them.

Cain Zombie: Toughness: Dense; Speed: Hungry Cain Zombies can smash plants instead of eating them.

Tax Collector Imp: Toughness: Average; Speed: Basic Thrown over most of your defenses, then collects taxes onward/

Goliath Gargantuar: Toughness: Great; Speed: Basic Supreme zombie and gigantic warrior. Damage: crushes plants with lance Special: launches Tax Collector Imp when damaged

Zombies (Part 2):

Crucifixer: Toughness: Hardened; Speed: Stiff Crucifixers spike plants with crucifixes and throw them off the lawn.

Dark Demon: Toughness: Dense; Speed: Creeper Demon shrouded in darkness that consumes plants. The darkness also causes plants to not notice the demon. Special: kills plants in a 3x3 area Weakness: Light plants reveal it

Zombot Golden Calf: The golden idol of the Old Testament. Special: missile attack destroys plants with darkness

You wondering how the boss battle will go? Plants given: Forbidden Fruit, Ark-tichoke, Burning Bush, Light Bulb, Nut King

Zombies: Phase 1: Demon Zombie, Conehead Demon, Buckethead Demon, Zombie Snake, Dark Demon Phase 2: Conehead Demon, Buckethead Demon, Tax Collector Imp, Goliath Gargantuar Phase 3: Conehead Demon, Buckethead Demon, Cain Zombie, Dark Demon