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PvZ2 Fan Game idea: Select 'n' Protect

VGKing1 May 24, 2015 User blog:VGKing1

Okay everyone so I came up with an idea for a mini-game called Select 'n' Protect. You have to pick a plant to be endangered and usually it goes this way: the more fragile the plant, the bigger the reward (more gold).

If anyone wants to help me come up with reward sizes, here is the list:

Very small: Tall-nut, Infi-nut

Small: Wall-nut

Medium: Sweet Potato, Winter Melon, Homing Thistle

Big: Peashooter, Sunflower

Very big: Potato Mine, Squash, Chili Bean, Hypno-shroom, Sun Bean

Extremely big: Puff-shroom, Guacodile, Ghost Pepper

No using instant-use plants!

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