Another fan world I made!

Got  help from some other users, will ask if they want credit first.

Plants: (Part 1):

Disco Gall

Sun Cost: 100; Toughness: Elevated; Recharge: Mediocre

Disco Galls dance and return projectiles shot by zombies.

Despite being called Disco Gall, Disco Gall has mastered other dances too. He has mastered dances such as breakdance and waltz. The other plants are actually quite jealous.

Bite Bomb (Not final name, needs name and design ideas)

Sun Cost: 150; Damage: Massive; Range: Touch; Recharge: Mediocre

Zombies that bite Bite Bomb will feel an explosion of flavor.

"Come at me!" yells Bite Bomb. "I dare you to try and eat me!" "Come on!" "I explode with flavor!" "I do this for the plants!" Yep, Bite Bomb is sure proud of his power.

Need more plant ideas.

Zombies (Part 1):

Tuxedo Zombie

Regular handsome zombie.

Toughness: Average; Speed: Basic

Tuxedo Conehead

His cake cone gives him twice the toughness of a normal tuxedo zombie.

Toughness: Protected; Speed: Basic

Tuxedo Buckethead

His punch bowl bucket gives him great resistance to damage.

Toughness: Hardened; Speed: Basic

Flag Prom Zombie

Marks the arrival of a huge celebrating wave of zombies.

Toughness: Average; Speed: Basic

Did you konw that Flag Prom Zombie is the one who runs this party? Yep. That's how he got his flag. He's a leader, and he's well respected by other zombies.

Dress Zombie

Regular beautiful zombie.

Toughness: Average; Speed: Basic

Dress Conehead

Her cake cone makes her twice as tough as a basic dress zombie.

Toughness: Protected; Speed: Basic

Dress Buckethead

Her punch bowl bucket provides great protection from damage.

Toughness: Hardened; Speed: Basic

Food Fight Zombie

Throws plates with food at plants.

Toughness: Protected; Speed: Creeper

Dinner is served!, except one problem, though. Food Fight Zombie only knows how to make a few dishes: fried brains, baked brains and chocolate brians.

Zombies (Part 2):

Limousine Zombie

His rolling lomousine crushes plants while dropping off zombies.

Length details: 1x4

Special: Drops off Tuxedo and Dress Zombies

Toughness: Dense; Speed: Hungry

DJ Zombie

His music causes Tuxedo and Dress zombies to switch lanes.

Toughness: Dense

Zombot Celebration Crasher

The uninvited guest of the Prom Party

Toughness: Undying; Speed: Hungry

Looking for more ideas...