I actually got help from a few users, who I will ask first if they want to be credited or not. Anyway, here's how it works: Go back into the 1900's when jazz was first invented. The world takes place in an ampitheater.

Enviroment Modificator

The special thing here in this world is fog. Like from PvZ1.


Scaredy-shroom: Long ranged shooter that hides when zombies are nearby. Sun cost: 25, Damage: Normal, Recharge: Fast

Doom-shroom: Explodes in an area, then leaves a crater. Sun cost: 125, Area: 5x3, Recharge: Slow

Plantern: Clears an area of fog. Sun cost: 25, Recharge: Sluggish

Gloom-shroom: Short ranged shooter that shoots in 8 directions. Sun cost: 250, Damage: Moderate, Recharge: Mediocre

Auxiliary-Pult: Throws random auxiliary instruments at zombies. Sun cost: 125, Range: Lobbed, Recharge: Fast

Here are the auxiliary instruments Auxiliary-Plant can throw: Cabasa (Normal damage) Shaker (Heavy damage) Cowbell (Heavy damage for cowbell, light damage for stick) Vibraslap (Moderate damage) Claves (Moderate Damage) Guiro (Huge damage, short range since it is heavy)

IMG 0013

The Auxiliary-pult!

"Why are you looking at me like that? So what if my eyes are sideways? I'll tell you the more impressive stuff. My arm is super long to actually reach my bag.  I carry many auxiliary percussion instruments in this bag right here. See this guiro shell that protects me? I found it because I knew I could not survive the cold. Those things are more impressive than my eyes... right?" Yep, you can definetely tell he wants you to focus on the other stuff...


Musician Zombie: Regular musician zombie. Toughness: Average, Speed: Basic

Conehead Musician: His clarinet conehead makes his twice as tough as normal musicians. Toughness: Protected, Speed: Basic

Buckethead Musician: His horn bucket gives him superior resistance from damage. Toughness: Hardened, Speed: Basic, Weakness: Magnet-shroom

Flag Musician Zombie: Marks the arrival of a huge musical "wave" of zombies. Toughness: Average, Speed: Basic

Flutist Zombie: Whacks zombies with a flute instead of eating them. Toughness: Protected, Speed: Basic, Weakness: Magnet-shroom

Saxophone Zombie: Creates a bit of fog with his saxophone. Toughness: Protected, Speed: Basic, Weakness: Magnet-shroom

Trumpetist Zombie: Can throw his trumpet to crush one plant. Toughness: Protected, Speed: Hungry (Very similar to the surfer zombie.), Weakness: Magnet-shroom

Guitarist Zombie: Smashes plants with his guitar instead of eating them. Toughness: Solid, Speed: Basic

Cheerful Imp: Comes to the stage past your defenses, then walks forward. Toughness: Average, Speed: Hungry

Director Gargantuar: Gigantic zombie who keeps time. Toughness: Great, Speed: Hungry (Damage: crushes plants with metronome, special: launches Cheerful Imp when damaged)

Zombie Drummer: Plays drums to make zombies dance. Toughness: Dense

Trombonist Zombie: Attacks plants from a long range with his trombone. Toughness: Protected, Speed: Basic, Weakness: Magnet-shroom

Tubist Zombie: Can blow plants away when playing his tuba. Toughness: Protected, Speed: Basic, Weakness: Magnet-shroom

Zombot Blues Bot: The jazziest zombot ever. Toughness: Undying, Speed: Hungry (Special: Blows away plants with horn nose, Special: horn nose can create fog)

Zombot details:

Phase 1: Summons Musician Zombie, Conehead Musician, Buckethead Musician, Trumpetist Zombie, Trombonist Zombie and Tubist Zombie.

Phase 2: Summons Conehead Musician, Buckethead Musician, Guitarist Zombie, Cheerful Imp and Director Gargantuar.

Phase 3: Summons Buckethead Musician, Flutist Zombie and Saxophone Zombie.

Don't try to plant on the back row, or else you will get a message saying, "You can't plant on a wall of spikes"

Plants you get during the zomboss battle: Scaredy-shroom, Doom-shroom, Plantern, Gloom-shroom, Auxiliary-Pult, Blover (one)



Harlem Nocturne

Demonstration Mini-Game:

Harlem Nocturne DM