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  • VGKing1

    After seeing plant humanizations and after watching a bit of KanColle, I was inspired to do humanizations based on the worlds!

    Ancient Egypt

    Name: Sandstone (Thanks Pvzfan717)

    Gender: Male

    So this is the first one I drew, and as you can see, he is wrapped in toilet paper (Thanks Insert Your Name Here). I also tried to made the headdress from the zombie sphinx in the world map icon as well as the mountains, pyramids and palm tree on his staff. The sandals have the words on the tombstones on the lawn.

    Pirate Seas

    Name: Captain Skull

    Gender: Female

    Yes... she's wearing a pirate ship on her back. And yes... she has a bandana that looks similar to the skull on the map. Frostbite Caves's and Dark Ages's little sister.

    Wild West

    Name: Belle (Thank you Dr C…

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  • VGKing1

    Hi everyone! So as we are getting closer to the release of my DLC pack VGKing1Mix, I thought I would let you guys help test the pack. The pack is for a game called Pulsen, which can be bought on Steam. The pack is not available for Pulsen yet. If you like rhythm games such as DDR, I'd love for you to test my pack. Comment if you're interested, and we'll find a time to PM me!

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  • VGKing1

    VGKing1Mix Gifs!

    October 13, 2015 by VGKing1

    Some of you know that I am the leader of a rhythm game pack team, and our pack is called VGKing1Mix. It's for the game Pulsen.

    I wanted to give something to some of my chart designers, so I made some gifs for them. I'd like to show you my artwork and animation.

    First, I'll show you a gif I made for Star321ify.

    I haven't recieved confirmation on whether you can use this one or not yet.

    Then, here's a gif I made for T.H.Supreme.

    You are free to use this one. Feel free to use it when you feel a bit giggly or when you've tricked someone.

    Believe it or not but the source of inspiration for this gif was Mario Kart 8.

    And while I was writing this I was listening to Rap jam from Neon Mixtape Tour.

    Have fun!

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  • VGKing1

    I will proudly announce I am a Christian. No, I am not trying to disrespect other religions. But I decided to make a world based off the Old Testament of the Bible.

    Help and ideas are appreciated.

    Plants (part 1):

    Forbidden Fruit:  Sun cost: 225 Damage: Massive; Area: 3x3; Recharge: Mediocre Forbidden Fruits force zombies that eat it to explode.

    (insert flavor text here)

    Unlock after beating Old Testament - Day 1.

    Ark-tichoke:  Sun cost: 300 Toughness: High; Recharge: Mediocre Ark-tichokes provide height and defense for three plants in a row.

    People often ask Ark-tichoke what it was like surviving floods. Ark-tichoke is lazy and does not feel like giving a complete answer. His answer always comes out as this: Artichoke sighsand says, "It was a ra…

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  • VGKing1

    So I remember doing this stats thing on my Facebook and I decided to share my stats here.

    Feel free to copy and paste mine and change it in the comment so I can see you stats.

    Basically this is another way for us to get to know each other a little more.

    Here are my stats:

    Sports time:                       |||          3

    The amiibo collection:         |||||||||| 10

    Highest DDR level beaten:   |||||||||| 10

    Willingness to go on a date: |          1

    Musical skill:                      |||||||||    9

    Optimism:                          ||          2

    Frequency saying BRU!!!!:  ||||||||||   10

    (BRU!!!!! really is what I say when I disapprove of something, kind of got it from a friend.)

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