Hey, this is not related to Plants vs. Zombies. Today, I'm going to relax a bit. :)

Here is the truth in my life. Today, I found my friend - (English name: Lina) - was doing a summary of one thing that is very interesting! I don't remember exactly, but it is like a summary for Geography subject! She was summarizing about a chart of meat consumption in U.S from 1980 to 2030. There are many type of meats in that chart: Meat, Beef, Lamb, etc...

After I looked at it, I said: Lina, you are so brilliant! Where do you study English? ~ At/In an English institute. And then, she wrote completely a summary. I read and couldn't find any grammar mistake in that summary. Maybe learning English @ other subjects is also a good idea to learn English! :D They are many ways, including this kind of learning I'm doing now! :P (Got it? Going to the Interent and English sites!)

Maybe I should try doing like Lina had done. On Thursday of this week, I went to a biography website to look for club for the names of some plants. Actually, it's very brain-damaging! I actually quited. :P

This is just a story to share with you, hope you will read it to understand my country more. Mine is not a rich country, though. :|

And... here is 45-minute exam for Math today. I have just done. It's kinda long. I couldn't finish the e).

Draw a circle (O ; R). Draw a tangent line Ax of (O). C on the line Ax (AC>R). Draw a tangent line CM of (O). A line d is crossed with AB at O, the cross-over of d and BM is D, the cross-over of AM and OC is E.
a) Prove that OACM is a inscribed quadrangle.
b) Having AB = 10cm, angle MAB = 30o. Count/Find the length of arc MB and area of geometry limited by MB and small arc MB.
c) Prove that OC // MB.
d) Prove that OACD is a rectangle.
e) Prove that when C is moving on the ray Ax, the orthocentre of the triangle ACM is always in a fixed circle.

My grammar is so bad if you don't understand it :(. I try to translate them into English.

Hey, remember to try that exam. Write your answer here if you finish. :D