Welcome to Plants vs. Zombies Wiki! We are now having a really big problem! Recently, there are users named User:AbramR(number) vandalizing the Gallery pages! With the help of VSTF staffs, he is confirmed to be User:ThePurplePi.

I want to call all contributors, help admins STOP him at all cost! At anytime, he could create a new account and start to vandalize a few pages in just one minute! His main purpose is to let us get the badges, but now that's POINTLESS! Just revert his vandalism and forget them! Our priority is always the Wiki!

  • His weakness
    • Creates a pattern of his usernames: User:AbramR18, 19, 20 and so on.
    • He only edits Gallery pages.
  • To stop him,
    • Revert his edits by using the undo/rollback button in each history page.
    • Admins will block them all once they are available.

ThePurplePi used to be a good rollback, and now he turned into the dark side...