This is my first reaction to PvZ2.

I have just got the soft release of Lost City Part 2 and played it. After finishing it, I have to say, this world is great and awesome. But why it is only worth being great and awesome is that the Part 2 ruined it again, similar to other Part 2 worlds. PopCap can do anything much better than the simple and semi-cloned contents. It's just somehow too rushed, as shown in the trailer, the Temple of Bloom, the Zomboss level platform and the music in each level. Those makes most of players bored easily, I have to admit. For me, I don't, but I can feel that many players will dislike Lost City Part 2 and feel not excited at all.


Plants in Lost City Part 1 are very good, despite not being Endless Zone quality. They are just cool.

  • Red Stinger is a plant that changes itself depending on the column it's planted on, from being offensive to defensive. It's original, as it can become a Repeater, a Pea-nut or a weak Wall-nut. Its fast recharge makes it useful in regular levels, and I love planting him on the first three columns most. The recharge may be provide enough time to stall a zombie, but it just wastes lots of sun.
  • A.K.E.E., Imo, is a Bloomerang Lobbed-shot. It is cool too, as it deals good enough damage. I usually use it along with Red Stinger, and these become a team to against Exvavator + Parasol Zombie. 10 for each of them is enough to win a level.
  • Endurian is a decent plant, but I very rarely use him. He is just a Spikeweed that can block zombies. Somehow, he dies quickly. I prefer Infi-nut. The damage is not... enough.
  • Lava Guava, like someone said, is a reserved Ghost Pepper. What I like this plant most is that he can deal a lot of damage. If stalling the Buckethead Zombie enough, he can kill him whole! Planting him on the final column and using Hurrikale is extremely great and powerful. He can also warm plants in FC. Luckily, I haven't bought Torchwood yet, so this is a must-use, even though his recharge is mediocre. He is worth spending 99 gems.

Plants in Part 2 are somehow cool too, but one of them ruined the excitement of Lost City. In fact, I think they are somehow "rushed".

  • Toadstool is bought with real-money. It's a mushroom and unique, so she must be worth it. What players dislike it is the high cost. It's somehow true, but maybe PopCap wants to get some money. In the previous times, PopCap might get lacks of money. You can wait until there's a discount. Basically, she is just a long-ranged Chomper. I don't feel that her sun-producing ability is useful, as the chewing time is as slow as Chomper, and she produces only 50 sun after eating a zombie. Still, a cool animal plant, but you may not be interested in it after buying it. They are still not original enough, but I kinda like her chewing animation.
  • Stallia is great! Another slowing plant that I love! She is worth replacing Iceberg Lettuce! As the name suggests, Stallia could stall the zombies, which means something that useful. Although she is not an instant-use plant, I love to use her in EZs. She may help us stall the Gargantuars. Her area is 3x3, so why not try her?
  • Gold Leaf is a new tile plant, similar to Tile Turnip. He (she in almanac) can create a Gold Tile, which means cool. But you should release that this plant is the worst plant ever very soon, because of his recharge and his... exclusion. His recharge is nearly the same as Power Lily, and of course, I would not want to use him in EZ, cuz he is just too slow! Moreover, this is exclusive to Lost City only, which makes me disappointed. I may understand that Gold Tiles would look weird in other worlds, but can't he be like Tile Turnip? Pinata Parties have Gold Tiles too, so it must be used in other worlds. I hope that one day this will be fixed, or Gold Leaf will be useless.


I love every zombie in Lost City. I don't care if they are clones or OP, they are just too cool!

  • Excavator Zombie is speedy. He can dig any plant up into his back columns, and he blocks straight-shooting projectiles. That may sound OP, but luckily, his health is decent. I would not mind him in EZs, since I will have Laser Bean to take care of them.
  • Parasol Zombie is another girl zombie. She can block lobbed projectiles. I'm not sure why there are Parasol Zombies, but I think she appears to be a support for Excavator. They can become dangerous and quickly destroy your defense. Still, Laser Bean is great to kill them quickly.
  • Bug Zombie is a combination of Seagull Zombie and Jetpack Zombie: Can be buttered and killed instantly and files over plants. The only original special of this zombie is that it can drop the zombie it carries. It's OK with Blovers. But I should watch out when they fly too quickly.
  • Imp Porter is OK. A decent zombie without much trouble, even if it becomes a tent. I wish it could summon every zombie in LC besides the Zombot. He is also original and a good playful Imp.
  • Relic Hunter Zombie is a buffed Swashbuckler Zombie. Differently, he can swing up to either the 4, 5 or 6th column. What I like from this zombie is that he has the health of a Conehead Zombie, so he will be very troublesome. Still, it's not a bad clone at all.
  • Turquoise Skull Zombie is another powerful zombie. Somehow, when looking at him, I remember Wizard Zombie again, as they are similar to a... Nevermind. What I love him most is that he uses energy to burn the plants. That may sound OP, but it takes time to release energy. You should not have any problem if you dig the plants that are about to be burned up so that you could save the sun. It is not OP in my opinion, because his health is good enough. Not to mention that he is a Ra Zombie clone, but he only steals suns to release energy, so it is still logical.
  • Zombot Aerostatic Gondola is the best Zombot ever! Much more unique than other Zombots, even the Tuskmaster! PopCap, you always bring the best ideas of the Zombots, and I love them all! Despite breaking the usual appearance tradition, it is very cool. It's a flying Zombot, and it is very logical that Dr. Zomboss will drop bags as a charge attack. What I love PopCap is their idea of the Trap Tiles being used as a part of Dr. Zomboss' attack, it brought to me a new breeze way. His ways to drop the zombies is super cool too. The combination of Trap Tile BB and conveyor-belt level makes the Zomboss battle much more original. I hope that PopCap will keep up on making Zombots, since none of them are bad at all.


Levels in Part 1 are OK. Nothing special, no exclusive Brain Buster, no Last Stand. I don't mind them. They are as boring as Frostbite Caves levels. The music is cool. At least PopCap has bring a new objective to a Locked and Loaded level, which is Day 8. Day 16 is way too easy and simple.

Levels in Part 2 is much more than that. What I love most is Day 22 and 28. Exclusive Brain Buster returned, yay! I thought there would been scrapped, but nope! The trap tiles are just cool. Some levels are very challenging, like Day 30 and 24. They are decent to me and as hard as Dark Ages. Also, it's a disappointment there are still no Last Stand, no SoS levels. LoL and Special Delivery levels are a lot now, and I think repeating them is not interested. Overall, some of them spawn the zombies fast, making you to do quickly.

However, in Part 2, musics and arts ruined my enjoyment, somehow. The platform of Temple of Bloom and Zomboss battle is too simple and not really epic. I thought the Zomboss battle platform would be a big template and more trees around after it is completed, just like Dark Ages. I don't know why PopCap has rushed, I think they could spend more time on it. The house in Day 1 was very cool. The musics from Day 17 to 31 are just regular themes, and I feel bored and tired of listening to them. Luckily, Temple of Bloom did not.

Temple of Bloom is somehow rushed too, but I feel very satisfied that Blover can be used there! :D Finally, PopCap did something that they should not forget, because there are Relic Hunters and Bugs!


Lost City will be second favorite world. It is somehow like Dark Ages in the levels difficulty and the simple contents that it owns. Both of them has excellent contents and arts, but as well as ruined themshelves in Part 2 a lot. I think Lost City could be much much more better if PopCap didn't rush. 5 month is enough to me, and 3-4 months sounds fast. It has charming design and catchy music (but as not as in BWB). Its levels are hard enough.

Remember to correct my grammar and vocabulary if there are mistakes!