There are some of my opinions/suggestions that I'm not sure if I should need to edit or add or erase them:

  1. Someone added: "So far, Fume-shroom is the most expensive plant in Dark Ages". Should I do the same with other worlds?
  2. There aren't any updated musics in Far Future (Theme, minigame, ultimate battle)
  3. Day 20 - Far Future has an other objective. If someone knows it, edit it "before what update".
  4. "Imp" page has two wrong words: "exept" and "execption".
  5. Wizard Zombie is looking onto the air.
  6. When Pianist Zombie turns into ashes, its chair is gone.
  7. Infi-nut is the only plant that its toughness is Elevated.
  8. When Sun Bean has been fed Plant Food, its color changes into light yellow.
  9. It is the second Zombot "having" Dr. Zomboss dressing up, the first being Zombot Plank Walker. (I'm not sure if I corrected that bold word, I'm still very confused between Present Participle and to-verb.)
  10. Explorer Zombie can instantly kill plants without smashing or doing something else.
  11. Some edited pages are still calling plants or zombies "he" or "she".
  12. When planted Grave Buster on a gravestone in Dark Ages, it will disappear. (I added this but not sure)
  13. "3 Tile" is shorter than "1x4" but it is longer, according to the almanac.
  14. Shield Zombie's weakness also can be Spikeweed and Spikerock. Is it true?
  15. It's unknown how Pharaoh Zombie can see and walk onto the house when its sacropagus is on.
  16. It's unknown if Imp Dragon can immune to napalm from Torchwood's PF effect.
  17. Sun-shroom in Pv2 is useful with the misson (Spend no more than ... suns)
  18. Using Hypno-shroom on Knight Zombie is also a good idea...
  19. There are Mecha-Football Zombies but there aren't Football Zombies in Pv2.
  20. Tombstones or gravestones can be spawned on Tile Turnip's Power Tile but Tile Turnip can't be planted on them. (Tombstones and gravestones)

That's all. I need your comments to answer all those trivias. Thank you very much for your help!

By the way, I guess lots of members in here are disliking me cause I edited a lot since I signed up, half of them are correct, but half of them are incorrect. If you want to say me something, just say all what I'm wrong or bad, I will do better next time.