...I'm so sorry to everyone. I have to be inactive from this day now. The first semester's exams are going to take my time, and seem I can only make at least 1 - 10 edits on a day. I want to edit, I really want to, but I'm too busy with lots of homework and many many other things. I can't decide when I could be online now.

These days, I have lots of homework and need to have 109 gems to get Ghost Pepper, currently I have 69, so I can only play 1 - 3 hour(s).

On November 3 and 4, I am going to have a two-day trip to the mountain village. Absolutely I will be inactive.

On the last days of November, I am going to have exams.

The life is so busy, but hopefully I can handle. After November, I may have a lot of free time, so I can try my best to recover my skills of editing. You know, if I don't do homework, I will be punished and... oh my...

This is the end. Still you can see me now, but I can only do 1 - 10 edits on a day. Don't be so surprised because I'm going down.

Wish me luck, I hope everything will be alright! Grade 9 is very important! No working hard, no future!