There are some words before I go on studying for exams. Actually, I think I was kinda wrong. After 6 months joining, I feel like Wiki is incredibly better. My work on this Wiki is almost done, and I may go to another dead Wikis to revive them. I can make them kinda like me, but it will be different style. You can guess which one, that's Peggle Wiki. Peggle and PvZ have the same fate: that they are being back by EA. The version of New Peggle is Peggle Blast, and I love this game as much as I love old Peggle and PvZ. Maybe, I will retire, but maybe I will always check this Wiki for vandalism and new Infoboxes and other-categories things.

We made a good start in 2015, I must say. We should keep up the good job, espeecially the sockpuppet-discovering-for-proofs work.

About me, I'm just a newbie admin. I need to explore the Wiki worlds to become better. I may learn something that could do the same to our Wiki.

If you want, visit me in Peggle Wiki. I will most likely be active on that Wiki to recover it. Don't help me if you don't know anything about Peggle series. If you want to help fix tempates glitches, feel free to say.

There will be also another Wikis too, (2), but I should be patient, as they could do by themshelves.

I'm very proud of this Wiki, especially the Apps we own. I like it, but there are some glitches inside it. I will tell you soon.