Yes, finally! I was successful in joining a foreign website for a year! What a good record!

Actually, this is one year that I should have, because after I saw myself in history, I was so dumb and overreacted. If I didn't love PvZ, I wouldn't join this Wiki, as well as I would be still dumb.

In case you don't know, in the past, I were just playing games too much and didn't join any websites or forums much. I just like... sitting with my computer and reading the news.

Well, maybe I should thank to these users who made me today, kinda better and more mature:

In one year, I am now having so many friends now! Both new and old, I have! But most of old friends left, so I will miss them so much...

The users I will miss forever:

In the first 6 months, I met Revern (now called Lapis), Cyborg Ranger, Gargantuar333, TheGollddMan, Tiger03, Reap and much more. They are very friendly and nice! Now in the last 6 months, I met ThePurplePi, Pinkgirl, ErnestoAM, ThisUserLikesOeros ThisUserLikesOreo, Thecoollittlepeashooter, Cavia (officially), Electromario, Fomok Games,... All of them and friendly, but new friends are just much more friendly and have a big contribution to the Wiki!

I hope I will meet more new friends especially like ThePurplePi and ErnestoAM and Cavia. A big thank you to ALL users here on this Wiki (not including vandals). I love you all!

I also hope that in the next year, I will be more mature and consider carefully what I'm going to do... :(