I'm going to be semi-inactive from today. The reasons are:

  • Too much homework and school time (Main)
  • I am practicing making some small websites using HTML and CSS, and as well as earning money (I'm not sure if this is true, but my brother said so). I will be also keeping mastering them and possibly learning more languages to get ready.
  • This Wiki has not much to do and is being more immature with stupid thinkings and stupid comments and questions that I can't handle. For example, I said "Obivious", which means that you guys should have made Flying Gargantuar page right now, but no one didn't. And moreover, Dekagamer is just waiting. I honestly do not approve your thinking at all.
  • I have new friends, who are very sociable and generous. They are very kind and encourage me to enjoy the real life more than the Interent life and participate more activities. Really, personally and honestly, I find that 85% commenters on forgein websites are stupidly stupid, and positive comments are very rare. Hearing/reading them is not my taste.
  • Plants vs. Zombies 2 is keeping getting more interesting than ever, especially Neon Mixtape Tour Side A update, and I'm really looking forward to every update and spending more time on it. I haven't played it regularly for months. Still, it is the best game ever I have played in my life, and of course, that does not mean I'm going to over-addict it. The reasons are very simple, which other games NEVER have: New unique characters (plants and zombies), unique levels, unique ideas (such as jams in Neon Mixtape Tour and various tricky levels), and more excitingly, the events. Although Candy Crush Saga, Farm Heroes Saga and other King games are great too, but the most boring thing is that they are keeping making new levels only, and the new characters in their games aren't as original as PvZ2 characters, because PvZ2 characters have their own unique special and ability.
  • I'm not going to be completely inactive aka retiring, since I'm just afraid that this Wiki might get worse with only a few admins left (Bul9, Miles, Someone, Maxus and Electric Plants), who may not be able to handle the future issues and update the Wiki. Therefore, I still have to stay for forever, until I... success in my life.

I will keep checking activities every day to review and check the spoilers. I'm not going to do jobs that take times to me, such as creating new pages.