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New World's idea: Nercopolis Tower

Please respect my idea, because it's just an idea. Thank you!

I was once very interested in history about Vampires and Nercomancers. It sounds creepy, but I'm sure it will please you with my idea.


  • Nighttime for sure. There will be also "corrputed tiles" on the lawn, which means there will be Flower Pot so that you can plant on them.
  • "Dark Fog!" is the ambush of Nercopolis Tower. It actually does not summon any zombie, it just summons a fog that cover certain columns.
  • 32 levels and maybe one upgrade.


Flower Pot

Flower Pots can be planted on corrputed tiles so that you have space to plant plants.

  • Sun cost: 25
  • Unlocked: Night 1


Garlics are defensive plants that make the zombies move into another lane when they eat him.

Special: Biting zombies are changed to another lane
Special: Vampire Zombies die when eating him

  • Sun cost: 50
  • Toughness: Normal (15 bites)
  • Unlocked: Night 6


Troots can stun zombies in an unlimited time.

  • Special: Holds and stuns 3 zombies
  • Sun cost: 100 sun
  • Toughness: Elevated
  • Unlocked: Night 10


Gloom-shrooms hit all zombies around him.

  • Area: 3x3
  • Sun cost: 175 sun
  • Unlocked: Night 18


Nerco-shrooms stop all zombies from doing special abilities in a certain area.

  • Usage: Single use, instant
  • Special: Stuns them if they cannot move normally on land
  • Sun cost: 125 sun
  • Recharge: Mediocre
  • Unlocked: Night 25

Dark Starfruit

Dark Starfruits hit all the zombies in 5 directions.

  • Sun cost: 225 sun
  • Recharge: Fast
  • Unlocked: 109 gems


Doom-shrooms explode, killing zombies in a large area, then leaves a crate.

  • Area: 3x5
  • Sun cost: 175 sun
  • Recharge: Sluggish
  • Unlocked: 139 gems


Acolyte Zombie

Special: Becomes a corpse after he dies.

Acolyte Conehead

Special: Becomes a corpse after he dies.

Acolyte Buckethead

Special: Becomes a corpse after he dies.

Flag Acolyte Zombie

Special: Becomes a corpse after he dies.

Nercomancer Zombie (25 nds)

Nercomancer Zombies revive dead corpses.

Special: Summons dead zombies in the lawn.

Weakness: plant magic prevents him from summoning.

Vampire Zombie (40 nds)

Bites plants to get more health so that he can survive the zombie attack.

Walking Dead Gargantuar

Skull Imp

Dark Knight Zombie (65 nds)

After encountering a plant, commands the horse to crash every plant in the lanr it is on.

Special: Vanishes after crashing plants

Weakness: plant magic prevents him from crashing.

Lich Zombie (20 nds)

Attacks plants in an area using dark magic.

Area: 2x2

Weakness: plant magic prevents him from attacking.

Dead King Zombie (50 nds)

Summons any dark zombie to the lawn.

Weakness: plant magic prevents him from summoning.

Zombot Green Nercoskull

The big nercomancer robot made by dark magic of every nercomancer.

Special: Destroys a group of plants in an area
Special: Revives corpses and crushes zombies with big staff dark wand

Under construction. There will be updates for sure!

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