#60: "Good Early Morning!"
Mushrooms really want to enjoy the DJ party tonight! Invite them by completing ALL Neon Mixtape levels with only mushrooms!
Rewards: 35 pts


#59: Do not let MC Zom-Bs spin his microphone!
MC's mircophone is used to cheer everyone up, not attack everyone! Teach the MC Zom-Bs how to do so in Neon Mixtape Tour 13!
Rewards: 31 pts


#58: Use the given plants only!
Did you know that... Spikeweed is quite effective to againist Punk Zombies? Complete Neon Mixtape Tour 4 with only Phat Beet, Sunflower, Wall-nut and Spikeweed!
Rewards: 20 pts


#57: Do not use Thyme Warps, Plant Food and Power Ups!
There should not be any help that is too helpful to pass a level! Complete Neon Mixtape Tour 16 without Thyme Warps, Plant Food and Power Ups!
Rewards: 100 pts


#56: Save all Sunflowers!
Isn't this is the first time that we have limited sun-producing plants? I remember that this is the SECOND time! Complete Neon Mixtape Tour 9 saving all Sunflowers!
Rewards: 10 pts

#55: Do not lose any plant!
Let's make the dances of the Punk Zombies an epic FAIL! Complete Neon Mixtape Tour 3 without losing any plant!
Rewards: 20 pts

#54: Do not use Winter Melons!
Winter Melon is the god of the plant (?!), and he does not enjoy this DJ party at all! Complete Neon Mixtape Tour 13 without him and do not lose any lawn mowers!
Rewards: 50 pts

#53: Don't use Thyme Warp!
Rewinding time too much can mess the time up! Try not to use Thyme Warp in Neon Mixtape Tour 11 and 14!
Rewards: 75 pts

#52: Don't let Punk Zombies mosh your plants!
No, how he kicks our plants is so weird! Complete Neon Mixtape Tour 5 without letting any Punk Zombies kick your plants!
Rewards: 25 pts

#51: Don't let any zombie touch the Slider Tiles!
Complete Frostbite Caves Day 22 without letting any zombie touch the Slider Tiles!

Rewards: 25 pts

#50: "No fungus Among Us"!
Complete Dark Ages - Night 16 without mushrooms!

Rewards: 25 pts

#49: Have no more than 2 plants!
Complete Frostbite Caves - Day 1 with only 2 plants on the lawn! (Frozen plants aren't counted!)
Rewards: 20 pts

#48: Fill the water tiles with Lily Pads!
If you love lime and green, you should do this! Complete Big Wave Beah - Day 28 with the water lawn filled with Lily Pads!
Rewards: 250 pts

#47: Have 15 Lily Pads!
The water level is so high and peaceful now. Sum up 15 Lily Pads to decorate your pool in Big Wave Beach - Day 13!
Rewards: 50 pts

#46: Complete without any Plant Food and Power Up!
This quest is 99.9999999999999% impossible with Big Wave Beach - Day 16 MADE by PopCap, not you. If you can do it, you should be the best player ever!
Rewards: ∞ pts

#45: Check the upcoming trailer!
Check the upcoming trailer to discover the most enjoyable party as well as the zombie dances you have never seen before!
Rewards: 5 pts

#44: Don't melt any plant!
Keep your friends safe until the zombies are defeated! Complete Frostbite Caves Day 23 without melting Twin Sunflowers!
Rewards: 35 pts

#43: Don't let the zombies trample the Gold Tiles!
You will find it not too tough to finish it! Complete Lost City Day 24 without letting the zombies trample the Gold Tiles!
Rewards: 30 pts

#42: Have only one plant on the lawn!
You will be forever alone in the huge desert... Complete Ancient Egypt Day 6 having only one plant on the lawn!
Rewards: 15 pts

#41: Don't let the zombies go off the water!
You may need some serious skills to stop these zombies completely! Complete Big Wave Beach Day 2 without letting the zombies go off the water!
Rewards: 35 pts

#40: Don't lose more than 5 plants!
Should we give up when seeing a Jester invadering your lawn with full of Pea-nuts? Do not! Complete Dark Ages Night 13 without losing more than 5 plants!
Rewards: 25 pts

#39: Do not let the zombies go off the planks!
Let's continue our challenging skills by beating Pirate Seas Day 22 without letting the zombies go off the planks!
Rewards: 35 pts

#38: Plant plants only on Power Tiles!
Normal tiles are just so boring, so let's forget them! Complete Far Future Day 12 planting plants only on Power Tiles! (Tile Turnip is allowed)
Rewards: 35 pts

#37: Spend 10000 sun!
It must be crazy that we could be Dark Wizards! Complete Dark Ages - Night 18 spending more than 10000 sun!
Rewards: 30 pts

#36: Have no more than 1 plant!
Complete Lost City Day 28 having no more than 1 plant on the lawn! Remember that boulders can help you!
Rewards: 15 pts

#35: Complete the whole world with only Lost City plants!
The plants say that they don't need other plants to help them. Complete Lost City seed-choosing levels with only Lost City plants!
Rewards: 250 pts

#34: Get the update!
Update your game to visit Lost City Part 2 that was finally found by the explorers!
Rewards: 5 pts

#33: Defeat the Zomboss without Plant Food!
Surely Dr. Zomboss has new but weak Zombot! Prove him that it's true! Complete Big Wave Beach Day 32 without Plant Food and losing any lawn mowers!
Rewards: 15 pts

#32: View the trailer!
Lost City Part 2 is almost found! View the trailer Plants vs. Zombies 2 Lost City Part 2 Coming soon!
Rewards: 5 pts

#31: Complete with only sun-producing straight-shooting plants!
We need some best trainings for the upcoming battle with Dr. Zomboss! Complete 3 levels in Lost City in a row with only sun-producing and straight-shooting plants!
Rewards: 20 pts

#30: Spend no more than 3000 sun!
Wild West is so hot today! Don't heat up your stock! Complete Wild West Day 24 without spending more than 3000 sun!
Rewards: 20 pts

#29: 3 times a row without supports!
The craziest, hardest and funniest challenge ever you will do! Complete Frostbite Caves Day 16 3 times a row without any support!
Rewards: 60 pts

#27: Make a pyramid shape!
What could be more awesome than making a pyramid today for Egyptish style? Complete Ancient Egypt Day 9 with Sun-shrooms and Sunflowers resembling a pyramid!
Rewards: 20 pts

#26: Kill 10 Swashbucklers in a row!
Play a level with 10 Swashbuckler Zombies killed in a row!

Rewards: 30 pts

#25: Lose by Cave Flag Zombie!
Let the last Cave Flag Zombie trample the flowers in Frostbite Caves Day 13!

Rewards: 30 pts

#24: Complete in 3 minutes!
We need time for searching for the taco, not battling the brainless zombies! Complete Lost City Day 13 in 3 minutes!
Rewards: 30 pts

#23: Have more than 25 plants!
More plants, more fun and more crazy! Have more than 25 plants in Lost City Day 13!

Rewards: 10 pts

#22: Let the Mecha-Football push!
Did you know that Mecha-Football can actually help you?! Let one push an endangered Starfruit into the first column in Far Future Day 20!
Rewards: 20 pts

#21: Don't let the Kings act!
Zombie Kings can make things too serious! Kill them quickly before they grant knight helms in Dark Ages Night 16!
Rewards: 10 pts

#20: Don't do anything in Final Wave!
Are you ready for the BIGGEST ambush? Don't do anything and lose any lawnmowers in Big Wave Beach Day 13!
Rewards: 100 pts

#19: Don't do anything in Final Wave!
The plant kingdom has a new breeze challenge! Don't do anything in Final Wave in Lost City Day 7!
Rewards: 55 pts

#18: Spend no more than 525 sun!
Save sun for Crazy Dave and the future tough battles! Complete User's House Day 4 without spending more than 525 sun!
Rewards: 30 pts

#17: Lose!
Are you tired of being a winner? How about being a loser? Lose User's House Day 1!

Rewards: 10 pts

#16: Don't have more than 200 sun!
C-mon! Too much sun may burn the whole lawn! Complete Far Future Day 4 and don't have more than 200 sun!
Rewards: 20 pts

#15: Use A.K.K.E.s!
It's bounce time! To headshot the cowboys! Complete Wild West Day 11 with only A.K.K.E.s!

Rewards: 30 pts

#14: Have 9900 sun!
Do you know that the sun power can burn the pirate ship by using mirrors? Complete Pirate Seas Day 24 with 5 Magnifying Grasses and 9900 sun!
Rewards: 20 pts

#13: Spend no more than 2000 sun!
Ancient Egypt needs some sun today! Complete Ancient Egypt Day 20 without spending more than 2000 sun!
Rewards: 10 pts

#12: Don't lose any plant!
Find a way yourself how to destroy the graves! Complete Dark Ages Night 11 without losing any plant!
Rewards: 30 pts

#11: Don't let the zombies go to the 2.5 column!
Tangle Kelps are surely your best plants to stop the tough ones! Complete Big Wave Beach Day 5 and don't let any zombie go to the half of the 3thcolumn!
Rewards: 20 pts

#10: Don't lose more than 3 plants!
Crazy Dave doesn't want to lose his friends! Complete Lost City Day 16 with less than 3 eaten plants only!
Rewards: 30 pts

#9: Protect your Wall-nut!
We can't let our poor Wall-nut being eaten! Save him from the horde of the zombies! Complete Lost City Day 4 and save the pre-planted Wall-nut!
Rewards: 50 pts

#8: Have 5 Ghost Peppers!
Boooo, it's time to haunt the night! Complete Dark Ages Night 16 with 5 Ghost Peppers being on the lawn!
Rewards: 25 pts

#7: Don't let the zombies go to the 4th column!
The best way that makes you less worried of the zombies is building a good defense! Complete Lost City Day 12 with no zombies going to the 4th column!
Rewards: 30 pts

#6: No Support!
What happened if you don't have any Plant Food or Power Up to stop the Fisherman Zombies killing plants? Complete Big Wave Beach Day 28 without using any Plant Food and Power Up!
Rewards: 30 pts

#5: No additional plants!
You think you won't need any more plants? Complete Frostbite Caves Day 6 with the 5 given plants!
Rewards: 10 pts

#4: Survive with given plants!
Crazy Dave has just given a special challenge bursting your mind! Complete Frostbite Caves - Day 20 with Sunflower, Cherry Bomb and Hurrikale!
Rewards: 30 pts

#3: Make a star shape!
Do you love stars?Draw a star right now to light the sky! Complete Dark Ages Night 1 with yellow plants resembling a star!
Rewards: 30 pts

#2: Produce more than 5000 sun!
Will you be fast enough to produce 5000 sun? Complete Lost City Day 8 with 5000 produced sun!
Rewards: 20 pts

#1: Don't lose any plants!
You shouldn't lose A.K.E.Es, right? How about not losing any plants? You could be a master! Complete Lost City Day 15 without losing any plants!
Rewards: 20 pts

Come back soon for more quests!

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