....This was not going to happen. But this is the truth. What a bad day...

I was happy because I was close to get Ghost Pepper. I hoped my brother would return soon to let me play. But things were changed quickly... I shocked. I would cry.

About 4 p.m GMT, a call from my father's telephone said that my brother's school bag had been stolen and asked my father to come to school to get it back. Yes, my brother brought with him his tablet, which I usually played PvZ2 by it. When he came back, he said... nothing was vanished EXCEPT his tablet and phone...! Shocked, I didn't believe at first, I asked if it was the truth, and it was. He was having a subject outside the school, but he left his bag under a tree. You know what would happen... While he didn't notice, someone stole his bag. Luckily, a taxi driver found it and gave it to his teacher. "You are childish. You should have studied hard, or this would not happen", said he. My hope was like completely empty. I asked my father. He said I should not worry or cry about that. I should try to study harder, if I got reached the best school, my brother would buy a new tablet for me.

Now I've lost everything what I've got in PvZ2. I can't play until next year. Yes, no other choices than studying hard. I wish I had my own tablet, and I want it to become true some day.

That's all I want to say. No more pictures I could help to the Wiki. Maybe I could check grammar and other things.