Here are some of my ideas for the new world. Hoped that I will not steal too much from anyone.


Sun Peashooter

(Former: Sun Gun)

Sun Peashooters shoot small pea at zombies and produce sun.

Cost: 75

Plant Food: Produces 150 sun and it will shoot sun beams until it dies. These sun beams can deal higher damage depending on your current sun.

Sun Pod

This plant is like Pea Pod, except its heads are Sunflowers.

Cost: 75

Plant Food: Produce 350 sun.

Entangle Vine

(Former: Column Pod)

Entangle Vines rapidly deal damage to all zombies in its column at once and slow them down. It cannot be eaten. It kills instantly the totems.

Cost: 250

Plant Food: Deal 20 damage to all the zombies on the screen and stun them for a while.

Gold Turnip

Gold Turnips can create tiles that will produce sun and grant 100 sun for the player if planting on it.

Cost: 150 sun

Plant Food on the plant on its tile: All gold tiles having a plant on will instantly produce 100 sun.

Umbrella Leaf (exclusive to this world)

Umbrella Leaves will not only protect the nearby plants from arrows, but also will give health to them instead of healing himself when it rains.

Cost: 100 sun

Plant Food: Becomes a high palm tree that has a larger area.


Transforms zombies into any zombie you have met even the Gargantuars can be transformed.

Cost: 200 sun.

Gem cost: 159.

Limited? No.

Plant Food: Transforms all zombies into Zombie Chickens!


Doom-shrooms explode, killing all zombies in a large area, and create craters that will last for a short time. The totems cannot be on them.

Cost: 200 sun

Gem cost: 129


Totem Dropper Zombie

Zombie that can create totems on its way to "curse" the tiles so that you cannot plant anything on them. The totems cannot be destroyed normally, only via Entangle Vine.

Toughness: 30 Nds, Speed: Basic

Crossbow Zombie

Zombie that shoots arrows to the nearest plants to hit them hard until they die.

Toughness:15.5 nds, Speed: Stiff

Jaguar Warrior Zombie

Zombie that has an armor protecting him greatly.

Toughness: 74 nds, Speed: Stiff

Jaguar Gargantuar

The huge zombie with jaguar fur. Throws a Jaguar Imp when damaged. Sometimes it roars to increase the speed of all zombies.

Toughness: 180 nds, Speed: Hungry

Zombie Monkey

The little annoying monkeys will fall from the tallest trees to steal your plants! They will always steal Bananas first.

Toughness: 20 nds


Zombie that heals nearby his friends and himself.

Toughness: 24 nds, Speed: Stiff

Zombot ?



  • Rain: Sometimes it will rain to heal your plants!
  • Bananas Storm!: The ambush that there will be bananas thrown from sky to kill your plants! (Too OP...)
  • Power Vine: New Power Up that can deal damage to the zombies and stun them!
  • Totems: Sometimes there are totems on the lawn.

The end. :)