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How to fix the bricked tablet?

Hehehe, my tablet has just been recovered! My brother is so intelligent!

Who knew, my tablet installed the alarm clock. Surprisingly, when it was about time, it rung! Even my tablet became a brick and couldn't open to turn it off.

"I have an idea! Leave it alone until your tablet run out of power." said my brother.

In the morning today, it still rung whole time until I came back home on the afternoon. Do you know what happened? I plugged it in to charge my tablet, and it became normal again! I now can open it. So happy! :D

So you should install an alarm clock every day to prepare for this case. When it happens, don't be panic! Wait until that clock rings and let it drain all the power. Then, your tablet will be shut down and its ROM should be reverted. Charge it again and cheer!

Share it with your friend(s) if you know he or she or they have a bricked tablet!

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