Hi again! It seems to be hard to understand those infobox tabbers I've made? No worry! In this blog, I will show you.

First: Open both of the two samples in new tabs:

N/A = {|

That's the abbreviation of name of the game. Ex: Plants vs. Zombies: PvZ. This shows us the what kind of game the infobox will tell in the infobox.

Just change "N/A" into the abbreviation of the game.

Game =

Type the full name of the game after "=". Ex: Game = Plants vs. Zombies

IMPORTANT NOTE: For some reason, I can't use ":", so for the "Plants vs. Zombies 2: It's About Time" change the ":" into "-".

Box title =

The title of the infobox. This is optional if the name of article where this infobox is put is totally the same.

image =

Put the name of the image after "="(96x96 is a must).

NOTE: No need to add "File:" behind that name of the image now.

caption =

The description of the plant/zombie under the image.

{{Plant/Zombie row|title = |info = }}

Plant/Zombie row: Call a new row.

title: The text in the colored box. No need to add ":" in front of the title now.

info: The text in the white space after the title.

NOTE: Not enough rows? Just copy that {{Plant/Zombie row|title = |info = }}.

|mushroom =

Type anything if it's a mushroom like Puff-srhoom.

|aquatic =

Type anything if it's an aquatic plant like Lily Pad.

NOTE: These two above are only for PvZ's almanac.

|flavor text =

Copy the zombie's almanac after "=".

NOTE: Don't remove the "}}" under, or this won't work.

How to make another "N/A" (tab)

Copy from the line " N/A = {| " to the line " |-| " to make a new tab. Copy above the line " </tabber> ".

That's all. Hope this help you. :)

NOTE: It's best not to remove other things I didn't mention, because they are the most important aspects not to cause glitches.