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This game is the second guessing game. The player needs to guess any level, Pinata Parties, or many other things to get points.

New Features

  • Premium Points:
    • Any player who played "Guess Plants or Zombie in the whole series" gets an amount of premium plants that is equal to the points he or she gets in that game.
    • No other ways to get it besides above.
    • Exchange 1 premium point to get 10 points (1 premium point = 10 points)
    • Can be used to:
      • Ask for a hint.
      • Make a premium question:
        • Double the points of the question:
        • If answering wrong, the player will lose 25% of standard points
        • If answering correctly, the player will get the new doubled points.
        • This applies to the other players, not only the user who makes it.
  • Lucky Points:
    • Lucky points can be used to:
      • Change another question
      • Exchange 1 lucky point to get 15 points (1 lucky point = 15 points)
      • Ask for a hint.
      • Cancel the premium question.


Same as in the previous game.


  • A new style for your userpage. (Like what I'm using) (5%)
  • A free ticket to play Achievements-Guessing Game! This can be shared to other players!(95%)